#1262 Waiting for the Roe to drop (Reproductive Justice)

Air Date: 4–5-2019

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Today we take a look at the current state of abortion rights - Hint: They're already in tatters - and speculate about what's to come as Roe vs Wade faces relentless chipping away and the possibility of full repeal.

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Ch. 1: States poised to restrict reproductive rights - Making Contact - Air Date 10-10-18

One reproductive justice organization considers the future of reproductive health access under the US Supreme Court.

Ch. 2: Describing the communities most affected by restrictions to reproductive health care - Boom! Lawyered - Air Date 2-15-18

A conversation with the reproductive justice advocates at the SIA Legal Team about their important work on behalf of people who self-induce abortions.

Ch. 3: What Fetal Personhood Laws Mean For Abortion Rights And Beyond - Diane Rehm On My Mind - Air Date 1-15-19

Lauren Kelley, The New York Times Editorial Board, Women and Reproductive Rights Editor, discusses the special series by the New York Times editorial board that explores what fetal personhood laws are, how they’ve been used to successfully chip away at Roe v. Wade and why women with wanted pregnancies end up prosecuted under them.

Ch. 4: Why people choose abortion - Science Vs - Air Date 10-31-18

Abortion is so taboo. People don’t talk about abortions they’ve had. Doctors don’t talk about abortions they’ve given. But it's happening a lot. So, what actually happens in an abortion, can the fetus feel pain and what are the risks?

Ch. 5: Abortion Beyond Clinics - Making Contact - Air Date 1-16-19

Exploring new safe at-home abortion options and the growing movement for “self-managed abortions.” 

Ch. 6: Will Roe vs Wade be overturned? (with Robin Marty) - Thom Hartmann - Air Date 1-31-19

Roe vs Wade is perhaps the best-known court case, but will the decision be overturned?

Ch. 7: Protect Real Reproductive Healthcare- #ProtectX and #EndHyde with the EACH Woman Act - Best of the Left Activism

Take action! Click the title and/or scroll down for quick links and resources from this segment.

Ch. 8: Katha Pollitt on the politics of motherhood - Start Making Sense from @TheNation - Air Date 8-29-18

Mothers and pregnant women are discriminated against, devalued, and punished—here at home, and around the world. Katha Pollitt talks about how that has happened—and why.


Ch. 9: Representation is important but you can't substitute identity for values - Ryan from Chicago


Ch. 10: Final comments giving examples of people who like to get in on the con of patriarchy and white supremacy


Call & write your members of Congress to tell them to support the EACH Woman Act via Center for Reproductive Rights

Explore & share this NationalFamilyPlanning.org’s interactive map on Title X data and impact by state

Download & share the “Save Title X” graphics created by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists

Share this video from Planned Parenthood on Protecting Title X 

Learn more about how Title X changes impact care at istandwithpp.org/no-gag-rule


Trump administration awards $1.7 million family planning grant to an anti-abortion group (USA Today)

Trump Administration Gives Family Planning Grant to Anti-Abortion Group (New York Times)

California sues Trump administration over rules restricting abortion access (LA Times)

Radical Attempts to Ban Abortion Dominate State Policy Trends in the First Quarter of 2019 (Guttmacher Institute)

Senators Introduce Legislation to Finally Repeal the Hyde Amendment and End Wide-Ranging Federal Abortion-Funding Ban (Vogue)

Supreme Court Sides With California Anti-Abortion Pregnancy Centers (NPR, June 2018)

Researched & written by BOTL Communications Director Amanda Hoffman 

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Produced by Jay! Tomlinson

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  • Laura Smith
    commented 2019-04-25 15:15:24 -0400
    Great episode, and superb points by Ryan and Jay on getting in on the con.
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