#1215 Demonizing welfare to divide and conquer ​

Air Date: 10–3-2018
Today we take a look at the fact that welfare technically no longer exists in America except as a dog whistle term used to push an ideology that divides the majority for the enrichment of the minority.


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Ch. 1: The 'Welfare' Dog-Whistle Part 1 - Citations Needed (@CitationsPod) - Air Date 2-7-18

In the United States, "Welfare" is more often than not a malleable propaganda term meant to dog whistle programs for African-Americans and Latinos while signaling to whites that their checks and corporate handouts will remain untouched.

Ch. 2: Suzanne Mettler on The Growing Disconnect Between the American Government and Its Citizens - @RingOfFireRadio - Air Date 7-27-18

Suzanne Mettler, author of the new book, “The Government-Citizen Disconnect,” joins us to discuss the Trump Administrations plan to rebrand social programs as “welfare.”

Ch. 3: THE MIDTERMS MINUTE- Illinois’ Battleground Races! - Best of the Left Activism

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Ch. 4: The 'Welfare' Dog-Whistle Part 2 - Citations Needed (@CitationsPod) - Air Date 2-7-18

We dig into the racist history of anti-welfare crusades, the political purpose of pathologizing poverty, and the meaninglessness of phrases like "welfare reform," with guest Sarah Jaffe.

Ch. 5: The history of work requirements and the war on Medicaid - @offkiltershow - Air Date 4-26-18

Rebecca speaks with Robert Samuels about his article, “Wisconsin is the GOP model for ‘welfare reform.’ But as work requirements grow, so does one family’s desperation.”

Ch. 6: A Welfare Check - Reveal - Air Date 7-15-16

Today, only a quarter of welfare dollars actually goes toward basic assistance – housing, transportation or essential household items.


Ch. 7: Final comments on how people taking a principled stand for fairness is making society worse



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