#1193 Fighting for a representative democracy (Voting Rights and Gerrymandering)

Air Date: 6–29-2018
Today we take a look at the multi-pronged campaign to prevent as many people from voting as possible and what we can do about it

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Ch. 1: Karen Hobert Flynn on Census & Citizenship - CounterSpin - Air Date 3-30-18


Ch. 2: David Daley: SCOTUS punted two opportunities to help fix gerrymandering nationwide - Bradcast - Air Date 6-18-18


Ch. 3: The case for automatic voter registration - Sunday Civics - Air Date 1-22-18


Ch. 4: Black Representation in North Carolina - The Gerrymandering Project - Air Date 12-14-17


Ch. 5: The failure to fix gerrymandering chips away further at faith in our democratic system - Amicus - Air Date 6-23-18


Ch. 6: Build the Blue Wave: Confirm, Prepare & GOTV for Midterms 2018 - Best of the Left Activism



Ch. 7: Tree Votes For The Axe - Alan from Connecticut


Ch. 8: Final comments on the danger of gerrymandering and the value of voting



5 Steps & Resources to Build the “Blue Wave” for Midterms 2018:

1. CONFIRM VOTER REGISTRATION: rockthevote.org “Voter Registration Lookup Tool” 

2. LEARN/SHARE VOTER ID LAWS: VoteRiders.org State Voter ID Law Info Cards  

3. LEARN/SHARE CUTOFF DATES/DEADLINES: rockthevote.org State Information

4. HELP OTHERS register, check registration, learn dates. Share information in person and on social media!


Rock The Vote | NextGen America | ACLU (& check local chapters) | NAACP | NARAL | League of Women Voters | Let America Vote 

Written by BOTL Communications Director Amanda Hoffman 




Produced by Jay! Tomlinson

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