#1612 New Tech and the New Luddite Movement; Inequitable Distribution of Benefits from New Technology Always Sparks Demands from Labor and AI is Rekindling the Old Arguments

Air Date: 2-20-2024

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"Luddite" should never have become the epithet that it is as the Luddites were never afraid of or opposed to technological advancement, they only opposed the exploitation of workers and the degradation to society that came with the unfair distribution of the benefits of the targeted technology.

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Ch. 1: The New Luddites - SHIFT - Air Date 2-14-24

Activists are fighting back against generative AI and reclaiming a misunderstood label in the process, says Brian Merchant in a new piece for The Atlantic.

Ch. 2: Being a Luddite Is Good, Actually ft. Jathan Sadowski - Left Reckoning - Air Date 5-29-21

Jathan Sadowski (@jathansadowski) of the This Machine Kills (@machinekillspod) podcast repairs our sabotaged understanding of the legacy of the Luddites.

Ch. 3: Why this top AI guru thinks we might be in extinction-level trouble | The InnerView - TRT World - Air Date 1-22-24

Lauded for his groundbreaking work in reverse-engineering OpenAI's large language model, GPT-2, AI expert Connor Leahy tells Imran Garda why he is now sounding the alarm.

Ch. 4: This is not good - jstoobs (TikTok) - Air Date 2-16-24

Ch. 5: The ACTUAL Danger of A.I. with Gary Marcus Part 1 - Factually! - Air Date 7-2-23

Whether we like it or not, artificial intelligence is increasingly empowered to take control of various aspects of our lives. Some tech companies advocate for self-regulation regarding long-term risks, but they conveniently overlook critical current concerns

Ch. 6: The Left Luddites and the AI Accelerationists - torres - Air Date - 5-15-23

A video of a woman weeping on the floor, deep-fake p@#n was made of her. A top AI ethics researcher gets fired after speaking out against their companies’ practices. A chatbot helps a single writer cross the picket line, replacing a whole team.

Ch. 7: Luddites Show Us The Politics Of Technology | Brian Merchant - The Majority Report - Air Date 11-21-23

Brian Merchant, tech columnist at the Los Angeles Times, joins to discuss his recent book Blood in the Machine:The Origins of the Rebellion Against Big Tech.


Ch. 8: The ACTUAL Danger of A.I. with Gary Marcus Part 2 - Factually! - Air Date 7-2-23

Ch. 9: The anti-tech movement is back. - Alice Cappelle - Air Date 6-15-22


Ch. 12: Final comments on the fork in the road and a look at our options


Rethinking the Luddites in the Age of A.I.

A Scottish Jewish joke - Things Fall Apart - Air Date 1-25-22

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Description: An 1812 block print of “The Leader of the Luddites” depicting a man in disheveled early 1800s clothing and missing one shoe leading other men up a hill while a building burns in the background. 

Credit: “The Leader of the Luddites”, Messrs | Working Class Movement Library catalog | Public Domain


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