#1606 Biden's Barriers and Boons to Reelection

Air Date: 1-26-2024

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In an election year where, more than ever before, democracy itself is on the ballot, there is less democracy happening in the lead-up to the election than at any time in recent memory. And with two profoundly disliked candidates running, the supporters of democratic ideals have a hard uphill push ahead of them.

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Ch. 1: Democratic Strategists Have Their Heads In The Sand - The Majority Report - Air Date 1-24-24

Semaphor's Dave Weigel talks to Sam about what happened during the 2024 Iowa Caucus.

Ch. 2: Bidenomics Continue To Worsen For Young Adults - The Ring of Fire - Air Date 1-21-24

The Biden administration keeps telling us that the economy is humming along, but for young Americans, things are getting worse.

Ch. 3: Is Biden Trying to Lose - The Humanist Report - Air Date 1-18-24

Ch. 4: Maddow on Trump-Biden rematch 'Not very much democracy in an election about saving democracy' - MSNBC - Air Date 1-24-24

Rachel Maddow discusses the looming 2024 general election clash with President Biden possibly taking on Donald Trump again. Maddow points out that there has been little democracy so far in the race for the White House.

Ch. 5: 2024 Election Is About The Fight For Democracy - The NPR Politics Podcast - Air Date 1-25-24

President Biden used his first campaign event of 2024 to call out his likely opponent, former President Donald Trump, for the threat he poses to American democracy, calling the issue a 'sacred cause' for the race ahead.

Ch. 6: Iowa, New Hampshire, and No Fair Remembering 2012 - The Professional Left Podcast - Air Date 1-24-24

We talk about the campaign ahead, including a quote from Ingrid Bergman in Hitchcock's "Notorious":
"Don't be silly, the important drinking hasn't started yet."

Ch. 7: Biden Talks Reproductive Rights - The NPR Politics Podcast - Air Date 1-24-24

For decades, President Biden has shied away from talking about reproductive rights, but in this election cycle, it's a centerpiece of the Democratic Party.

Ch. 8: Why Voting Still Matters The 2024 Election Survival Guide - Olurinatti - Air Date 12-31-23

I hope you enjoy Olay’s Election Survival Guide & Happy New Year.


Ch. 9: A Better Way to Vote Deb Otis - Future Hindsight - Air Date 1-11-24

The Fair Representation Act is a bill that would implement ranked choice voting for members of Congress and also make redistricting more proportional and representative for voters.

Ch. 10: 2024 Election Is About The Fight For Democracy Part 2 - The NPR Politics Podcast - Air Date 1-25-24


Ch. 11: Final comments on how the game of election messaging works

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Description: A photograph with bokeh edges of glossy, red-white-and-blue-striped "VOTE" buttons on a table.

Credit: "2012 U.S. Presidential Election Gala" by U.S. Embassy Dakah, Flickr | License: Public Domain


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