#1593 Beyond Neoliberalism: Dreaming a new economic system into being

Air Date: 11-14-2023

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The Supreme Court turned the table on average, working people back in the 70s when they empowered wealthy individuals and corporations to have an outsized role in our politics. Now we're trapped in the reality that shift in power created and are dreaming of a better way to manage our economic and political systems for the benefit of all people.

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Ch. 1: Citizens United Has Destroyed America Why Is Nobody Talking About It - Thom Harmann Program - Air Date 10-27-23

If America is to recover any semblance of meaningful democracy in our country, we have to cut out the cancer of big money in our political system. We MUST overturn Citizens United.

Ch. 2: How Things Work Congress's Revolving Door - Jim Hightower's Lowdown - Air Date 11-9-23

Hear it? What’s that sound? “Whoop-whoop-whoop.” Oooo, it’s Washington’s revolving door, allowing corporate interests to come directly inside Congress to pervert public policy.

Ch. 3: Corporate Bullsh*t Legal Bullsh*t - Ralph Nader Radio Hour - Air Date 11-11-23

Donald Cohen discusses the long history of corporate propaganda covering for corporate greed, and his new book Corporate Bullsh*t: Exposing the Lies and Half-Truths That Protect Profit, Power, and Wealth in America.

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This week's episode covers the crisis of today's left, the need to build upon and go beyond successful socialism of the 19th and 20th century, the state and micro focus on the workplace, and democratizing workplaces.

Ch. 5: Redefining Wealth–with Aisha Nyandoro - OFF-KILTER - Air Date 11-2-23

As Aisha Nyandoro—CEO of Springboard to Opportunity and architect of the Magnolia Mother’s Trust—argues in her recent Tedx Talk, it’s time to redefine wealth in the United States.

Ch. 6: Prof. Richard Wolff Why Not Democratize Big Auto Companies - The Zero Hour - Air Date 10-28-23

Prof Wolff joins Zero Hour with RJ Eskow to discuss the recent agreement between the Ford Motor Company and the United Auto Workers and how it relates to the larger issues of labor, capitalism, and democratizing workplaces.

Ch. 7: Inside West Virginia's New Economic Bill of Rights–with Troy N. Miller - OFF-KILTER - Air Date 11-9-23

For this week’s episode, Rebecca sat down with Troy N. Miller, who’s long served as the Off-Kilter podcast’s beloved “man behind the curtain,” aka executive producer.


Ch. 8: How Media's Use of 'The Economy' Flattens Class Conflict - Citations Needed - Air Date 11-1-23

Kim Kelly joins to discuss the term "the economy," how and why metrics reflect interest of capital- GDP, the DOW - which are positioned as more important indicators of economic strength versus the needs of the average person.

Ch. 9: Redefining Wealth–with Aisha Nyandoro Part 2 - OFF-KILTER - Air Date 11-2-23


Ch. 10: Final comments on how a shifting baseline obscures the inequity of our economic system

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Description: A photo of a protest banner depicting a drawn human figure with its arms out standing on top of the symbol for dollars ($). The words “People Over Profits” are written across the middle.

Credit: “World Bank/IMF demonstration [06]”  by Ben Schumin, Flickr | License: CC BY-SA 2.0 | Changes: Cropped

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