#1587 What Conservatives Think of When They Think of the Children

Air Date: 10-7-2023

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Spanning the gamut of terrible policy choices and their impacts on children, we look today at the perverse reality at odds with conservatives' claim to be standing up for "family values" and saving children from the abuse of Democrats.

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Ch. 1: What "Parents' Rights" REALLY Means - Zoe Bee - Air Date 9-26-23

"Parents' Rights" has been a rallying cry for several political and social groups in the past few years. But what does it really mean? Let's find out.

Ch. 2: Child poverty increases sharply following expiration of expanded tax credit - PBS NewsHour - Air Date 9-12-23

In 2021, as the economy reeled from the pandemic, a one-year expansion of the child tax credit led to a historic 46 percent decline in the child poverty rate. But new census data shows a dramatic reversal with the rate of children in poverty skyrocketing

Ch. 3: Why Child Labor in America is Skyrocketing - Robert Reich - Air Date 5-16-23

Corporations are now using the “labor shortage” as an excuse to bring back child labor. It’s part of a horrifying trend: Since 2015, child labor violations have risen nearly 300%.

Ch. 4: America First 2.0 & A Defense of Child Marriage - Head in the Office - Air Date 4-19-23

The boys highlight a slurry of bad news coming from states like Florida and Ohio, the Missouri GOP defends child marriage, a GOP presidential contender drops a 25 point plan for America First 2.0, many people might lose Medicaid

Ch. 5: Having A Baby In America – SOME MORE NEWS - Air Date 9-27-23

Conservatives sure want Americans to have more children, but they don't seem to like children at all or want to support them in society! In today's episode, we look at the many challenges Americans face if they want to become parents

Ch. 6: How Inequality Fuels Child Abuse - One in Ten - Air Date 9-5-23

How do we come alongside and stand with families in poverty who are struggling with child abuse and neglect? How do we examine our own policies and procedures to ensure that we’re being genuinely helpful and not just adding to families’ burdens?

Ch. 7: Sen. Booker blasts GOP: ‘Morally obscenity’ of child poverty is a ‘policy choice’ - All In with Chris Hayes - Air Date 9-13-23

Sen. Cory Booker on the child poverty rate doubling after Republicans let the expanded child tax credit expire: “We have now proved something pretty phenomenal and at the same time, pretty obscene.


Ch. 8: Why It Sucks To Be Young - Andrewism - Air Date 2-3-21

We don't talk enough about how our society treats young people and children. Let's change that.

Ch. 9: We Uncovered the Shocking Plot to Eradicate Public Schools in America - More Perfect Union - Air Date 10-2-23

Leaked videos and recordings uncovered by investigative watchdog Documented expose the Alliance Defending Freedom’s plot to wipe out public schools in America.

Their goal is to take down the entire system of education


Ch. 12: Final comments on the article that inspired today's episode and more examples of abusing children through policy New

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