#1585 Workers Rights Ascendent Amid Writers and Actors Strikes in Hollywood and the UAW Strikes Against the Big 3 US Automakers

Air Date: 9–26-2023

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Rays of hope for the worker's struggle against unfettered, exploitative capitalism are coming from multiple angles as strikes from creatives in Hollywood and autoworkers in Detroit are striking to demand wages, benefits, and protections while executives make arguments for why workers should be made to feel the threat of poverty to keep them in line.

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Ch. 1: GM CEO Flails In Response To CNN Question Over Her Pay vs. Workers - The Rational National - Air Date 9-15-23

On day 1 of the UAW strike, CNN questioned CEO of General Motors Mary Barra over why she has seen a 34% increase in her pay while GM workers haven't. I break down how ridiculous her response here is.

Ch. 2: Far-Right Anti-Science Conspiracies Are Literally Killing Us - The New Abnormal - Air Date 9-18-23

Dr. Peter Hotez joins The New Abnormal this week to discuss his new book, “The Deadly Rise of Anti-Science”—and why anti-vaccine conspiracies are so dangerous. Plus! An interview with labor reporter and author Kim Kelly about the UAW strike.

Ch. 3: Sociopath Businessman Tells The Truth About Capitalism - Novara Media - Air Date 9-14-23

A CEO says the quiet part out loud about the inhuman fundamentals of capitalism

Ch. 4: GOP, Corporate Media Attempt to Manufacture Conflict Between Autoworkers and Climate - Citations Needed - Air Date 9-20-23

In this public News Brief, we break down recent attempts by Politico, Axios, New York Times and faux populist Republicans to pit autoworkers against climate mandates.

Ch. 5: Labor historian Nelson Lichtenstein on the UAW strike and the U.S. labor movement rising - The BradCast w/ Brad Friedman - Air Date 9-18-23

UC Santa Barbara labor historian Dr. NELSON LICHTENSTEIN explains the specific concerns of autoworker unions, how 2023's summer of unionization compares to prior waves of union organizing in the US and the political implications of unionization

Ch. 6: Labor Decision Could Lead To A Union Revolution In America - The Majority Report w/ Sam Seder - Air Date 9-23-23

Harold Meyerson, editor-at-large at The American Prospect, discusses the recent decisions made at the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB).

Ch. 7: Workers Fighting Back: The UAW Goes on Strike! - Revolutionary Left Radio - Air Date 9-19-23

Teddy Ostrow and Maximillian Alvarez from The Real News Network join Breht to discuss the recent "stand up" strike launched by the United Auto Workers labor union. Teddy and Max discuss the strike and explain the causes


Ch. 8: How These Strippers UNIONIZED Their Strip Club with Equity Strippers Noho - Factually! with Adam Conover - Air Date 9-13-23

Every worker deserves a union — including strippers! Recently, strippers at the Star Garden in North Hollywood became the first strippers in decades to unionize. On this week’s Factually, Charlie and Lilith from Equity Strippers Noho join Adam

Ch. 9: Marvel workers just won the first union in visual effects history - More Perfect Union - Air Date 9-13-23

The workers who power the biggest superhero movies on the planet voted unanimously to unionize with VFX-IATSE. This is a major first step for the industry, and Disney is next.


Ch. 10: Final comments on Biden's visit to the picket line and the importance of how moral questions are framed

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Description: The back of a United Auto Workers union member seated at an event, showing the UAW logo on the back of his red shirt and the front of his worn-backward baseball cap.

Credit: "P041519AZS" by City of Indianapolis Mayor's Office, Flickr | License: Public Domain | Cropped

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