#1580 Bet Your Life: Sports betting is opening new and expensive ways to waste your time and destroy your mental health.

Air Date: 9–3-2023

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Sports gambling through smartphones has become widely available and wildly addictive but the effects are being felt beyond the individual gambler's bank account and anxiety levels. Partnerships between gambling companies and colleges, influencers, and even journalistic institutions like ESPN are changing the fundamentals of the sports themselves and how they're understood by fans - all for the worse.

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Ch. 1: How the Sports Betting Industry Quietly Consumed America - Wendover Productions - Air Date 12-13-22

How the Sports Betting Industry Quietly Consumed America

Ch. 2: The Explosion of Online Sports Betting with Eric Lipton - Why Is This Happening? - Air Date 5-9-23

You’ve probably encountered an advertisement for sports betting in one form or another. In the past few years, there’s been a marked rise in the number of online sports betting ads from companies like DraftKings and FanDuel.

Ch. 3: Gambling controversy continues to hit the NFL, MORE Players suspended - The Domonique Foxworth Show - Air Date 6-29-23

On the Domonique Foxworth Show, Domonique dives into the latest news of NFL players suspended for gambling violations and how everything revolves around money.

Ch. 4: ESPN Will NEVER be the Same After This Major Decision - TYT Sports - Air Date 8-12-23

Now that legal sports betting has become normalized and adopted nationwide, ESPN is trying to wedge themselves into the market, which is something that should worry anyone who cares about sports. Rick Strom breaks it down.

Ch. 5: The Toxic Normalization of Online Gambling - Cara Nicole - Air Date 9-30-22

In this video, we're dissecting the rise of sports betting apps, gambling shows on Twitch and ESPN, casino streams by celebrities like Drake, and how we're creating widespread gambling addictions

Ch. 6: College partnerships are bringing sports betting to campus. Are students safe? - PBS NewsHour - Air Date 2-27-23

We are weeks away from college basketball’s March Madness and billions of dollars worth of wagers on the games. As more states legalize sports betting, Paul Solman reports on the increasing concern that some colleges are too involved in its promotion.

Ch. 7: What Happened to Black Activism in Professional Sports? - Edge of Sports - Air Date 7-26-23

Later in the show, we have Choice Words about the social cost of smartphone sports gambling becoming the economic lifeblood of sports.


Ch. 8: The Puppets of Online Gambling - Philion - Air Date 4-7-23

Stake.com is the world's largest crypto casino valued at over 1 billion dollars. It is licensed in Curacao and operates out of Australia. Stake.com is infiltrating pop culture via Twitch streamers celebrities & coporate sponsors

Ch. 9: How Australian sports make money from gambling - Full Story - Air Date 5-10-23

As the online gambling industry grows, at least one Australian football league is taking a greater share of its revenue. Reporter Henry Belot tells Jane Lee why this is a problem for fans, punters and even some players


Ch. 10: Buddhist teachings and A.I. - Craig from Ohio


Ch. 11: Final comments on the outsized influence of impetuous billionaires

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Description: A hand holds a smartphone with game betting odds on the screen in front of a soccer ball and Euro banknotes on turf.

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