#1572 Building a circular, sustainable economy for all

Air Date: 7–16-2023

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Today, we take a look at the problems of overconsumption and some policy solutions for reducing waste through a circular, rather than linear, approach to the economy.

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Ch. 1: Is capitalism actually broken? - TED-Ed - Air Date 11-1-22

People have become increasingly worried that the threats we face today, like climate change and rising inequality, can’t be solved by a capitalist economic system. So, is that true? And if it is, can we fix capitalism or do we need to tear the system down

Ch. 2: World Water Day: UN chief warns “vampiric overconsumption” is draining “humanity’s lifeblood” - Global News - Air Date 3-22-23

The United Nations (UN) opened its first conference on water security in almost half a century on Wednesday, with a plea to governments to better manage one of humanity's shared resources.

Ch. 3: How Our 'Stuff' Problem Impacts the Planet (and the Key to Beating Overconsumption for Good) - Good Together - Air Date 6-28-23

We have a major “stuff” problem. With everything we want just a click away, we bring new things into our homes every day just to toss them out. Excessive consumption has led to an alarming statistic: The average American produces 4.5 pounds of trash daily

Ch. 4: How do we create a better economy? - TED-Ed - Air Date 11-29-22

Can we call any economy “healthy” in the face of dwindling resources and growing inequality? What if we cut off our addiction to endless growth, and used a new compass for modern prosperity?

Ch. 5: Europe's Circular Economy Action Plan - euronews - Air Date 11-24-20

Business Planet takes a look at Europe's plans for a Circular Economy and examines what this transition might mean for both businesses and consumers.

Ch. 6: Amsterdam's "doughnut economy" puts climate ahead of GDP - PBS NewsHour - Air Date 4-24-21

Amsterdam is the first city in the world to adopt a radical economic theory that suggests economic growth shouldn’t be the ultimate measure of success. Instead, “doughnut economics” focuses on protecting the environment while meeting citizens’ basic needs

Ch. 7: Busting the myths of circular design for fashion - The Circular Economy Show Podcast - Air Date 4-11-23

The current fashion system is broken. Every year the fashion industry misses out on hundreds of billions of dollars and contributes significantly to waste and pollution through the linear take-make-waste economy.

Ch. 8: We Need A Library Economy - Andrewism - Air Date 10-5-22

The library has been a long-standing institution in our society, but what if we applied its philosophy more broadly? Let's imagine what it would mean to realise the possibilities of this proto-socialist concept and reintroduce free access to the commons.


Ch. 9: How Can We Make Policy Makers Realize & Understand the Potential of the Circular Economy? - Ellen MacArthur Foundation - Air Date 10-11-19

How do you convince work colleagues that your bright idea isn’t just another burden to their existing workload? Working with policymakers at the regional and city level in Italy, Luigi Acquaviva has had to learn a few tricks

Ch. 10: Add to basket: How retailers are working towards a circular economy for food | Redesigning Food series - The Circular Economy Show Podcast - Air Date 6-5-23

What if there were no bad choices in your shopping basket? What if every bite of food had been designed in a way that helped to regenerate nature?
We hear from Waitrose and Natoora about the steps they’re taking towards a circular economy for food.


Ch. 12: Final comments giving an update on the membership drive

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