#1571 Understanding what we lost with the repeal of affirmative action

Air Date: 7–11-2023

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Today, we take a look at the history and unceremonious end of affirmative action for college admissions that were an attempt to correct the compounded impact of hundreds of years of systemic racism.

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Ch. 1: Affirmative Reactions Part 1 - Straight White American Jesus - Air Date 7-1-23

What does the SCOTUS decision on affirmative action have to do with the Don't Say Gay bills, book bans, and attacks on school curricula all over the country? How is is part and parcel of a certain White supremacist libertarianism?

Ch. 2: The Architect Part 1 - More Perfect - Air Date 12-7-17

More Perfect profiled Edward Blum in season one of the show. We catch up with him to hear about his latest effort to end affirmative action at Harvard.

Ch. 3: What Does Color-Blind Really Mean - Notes From America - Air Date 7-10-23

Affirmative action is gone. Ibram X. Kendi tells us the history leading up to this moment and what could be next.

Ch. 4: MAGA SCOTUS Is Back - Amicus - Air Date 7-1-23

The Supreme Court’s conservatives return to form, stripping protections for same-sex couples, striking down student loan relief, and ending race-conscious college admissions.

Ch. 5: The Architect Part 2 - More Perfect - Air Date 12-7-17

Ch. 6: Asian Americans + Affirmative Action - Straight White American Jesus - Air Date 7-5-23

Myths, Data, Predictions

Ch. 7: What Does Color-Blind Really Mean Part 2 - Notes From America - Air Date 7-10-23

Ch. 8: Affirmative Reactions Part 2 - Straight White American Jesus - Air Date 7-1-23

Ch. 9: Legal Scholar Says Supreme Court Could Become a “Pointless Institution” - Amanpour and Company - Air Date 5-17-23

“Shadow docket.” This refers to cases that are decided quickly, without written opinions or oral arguments. In his new book, Vladeck traces the transformation of the Supreme Court. He explains all to Hari Sreenivasan.


Ch. 10: Elie Mystal's Court Packing Plan - Contempt of Court - Air Date 7-10-23

When most people talk about expanding the Supreme Court, they're talking about adding a few justices. Two or four to the bench. But I am not most people.

Ch. 11: Weekly Roundup Affirmative Reactions Part 3 - Straight White American Jesus - Air Date 7-1-23


Ch. 12: Final comments on the need for a new solution to the old problem that affirmative action was trying to solve

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Description: The angled shadow of a student in a cap and gown stretches across white concrete.

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