#1568 The Shifting Landscape of the Religion-Conservative-Political Complex

Air Date: 6–25-2023

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Today, we take a look at the state of the religious right as declining religiosity and the looming 2024 election put a strain on the movement.

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Ch. 1: Trump Indicted, Robertson Dead, + Catholic Public Schools? - Straight White American Jesus - Air Date 6-9-23

Brad and Dan being by discussing Trump's indictment on federal charges. They then break down the life and death of Pat Robertson - an architect of the Religious Right and someone whose influence resounds in American Christian nationalism today

Ch. 2: The Power Christian Nationalists Seek | The Evil Ignorance of Marjorie Taylor Greene - The Benjamin Dixon Show - Air Date 4-27-23

Ch. 3: How Rapture Theology Shaped America (Part 2) - The Holy Post - Air Date 5-10-23

How did a theological system that rejected Christian participation in politics eventually give birth to the Religious Right? Phil talks to historian Daniel Hummel about the spread of rapture theology in the 20th century

Ch. 4: Trump Taps Into Evangelical Fascism To Hypnotize His Followers - The Muckrake Political Podcast - Air Date 9-20-22

Co-hosts Jared Yates Sexton and Nick Hauselman discuss a rally Donald Trump hosted over the weekend, where he mixes the rapture of fervent religious followers with the QAnon conspiracy set to lure people with the sweet siren sounds of fascism.

Ch. 5: DeSantis Tries To Attack Trump on Abortion - The Damage Report - Air Date 6-19-23

Ron DeSantis attacks Trump on his abortion stance. John Iadarola and Brett Erlich break it down on The Damage Report.

Ch. 6: Americans Are Losing Their Religion. That's Changing Politics. - FiveThirtyEight Politics - Air Date 4-22-21

About 20 years ago, 70 percent of Americans belonged to one of those houses of worship. Today, it’s 47 percent. While that doesn’t mean a majority of Americans are areligious, the share of religiously unaffiliated Americans has also been increasing


Ch. 7: Is Religion Dead? - Wisecrack - Air Date 6-9-23

Philosophy and religion might seem as incompatible as peanut butter and raw garlic. But what if understanding religion from a philosophical perspective could actually illuminate some of our deepest cultural and social values?

Ch. 8: How My Christian Faith Fell Apart | A Case Study of DECONSTRUCTION - Sara Martin - Air Date 8-26-20

How does someone go from a faith-filled follower of Jesus to no longer identifying as a Christian? In this video, I share my personal story of how my faith fell apart and demonstrate how, step by step, a person’s relationship with Jesus can unravel.


Ch. 9: Final comments on the enduring support for Trump by the evangelical right

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God's Playground - Nathanael Christy


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