#1555 The Kids Are Not Alright (Boys, Girls, Culture and Social Media)

Air Date: 4–26-2023

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Today, we take a look at the trials and tribulations facing the youth today as men and boys are being surpassed academically by women and girls and girls are suffering disproportionately under the weight of the toxic forces of social media.

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Ch. 1: Senator Josh Hawley on masculinity - Axios on HBO - Air Date 11-7-21

Axios’ Mike Allen sits down with Missouri Senator Josh Hawley to discuss the senator's comments on masculinity.

Ch. 2: Male inequality, explained by an expert | Richard Reeves - Big Think - Air Date 1-4-23

Modern males are struggling. Author Richard Reeves outlines the three major issues boys and men face and shares possible solutions.

Ch. 3: Liz Plank & Richard Reeves Debate Gender Inequality - The Man Enough Podcast - Air Date 4-5-23

Brookings Institution scholar and acclaimed author Richard Reeves tackles the pressing issue of young men falling behind, on a mission to uplift them without jeopardizing women's rights.

Ch. 4: Teenage girls experiencing record high levels of sadness, violence and trauma, CDC says - PBS Newshour - Air Date 2-20-23

In 2021, the CDC saw an increase in mental health challenges across the board, but it’s girls in the U.S. that are engulfed in a wave of sadness, violence, and trauma.Stephanie Sy spoke with Sharon Hoover about the survey.

Ch. 5: The Number One Reason This Generation Is Struggling | Scott Galloway Part 1 - The Diary of a CEO - Air Date 10-27-22

Scott Galloway, or ‘Prof G’ to his fans, is one of the most influential business thought leaders in the world. Host of The Prof G Show, one of the most popular business podcasts in America

Ch. 6: What the Andrew Tate phenomenon reveals about our society | Richard Reeves - Keep Talking - Air Date 11-13-22

Ch. 7: Social media companies face legal scrutiny over deteriorating mental health among teens - PBS Newshour - Air Date 2-14-23

A national survey by the CDC sounded a new alarm about teens in crisis. It shows nearly 30% of teenage girls said they considered dying by suicide, and three out of five girls said they felt persistently sad or hopeless.

Ch. 8: Are the Kids Alright — with Jonathan Haidt Part 1 - Your Undivided Attention - Air Date 10-27-20

NYU social psychologist Jonathan Haidt has spent the last few years trying to figure out why, working with fellow psychologist Jean Twenge, and he believes social media is to blame.

Ch. 9: The Number One Reason This Generation Is Struggling | Scott Galloway Part 2 - The Diary of a CEO - Air Date 10-27-22

Ch. 10: Are the Kids Alright — with Jonathan Haidt Part 2 - Your Undivided Attention - Air Date 10-27-20


Ch. 11: Spotlight — Addressing the TikTok Threat - Your Undivided Attention - Air Date 9-8-22

This week on Your Undivided Attention, we bring you a bonus episode about TikTok. Co-hosts Tristan Harris and Aza Raskin explore the nature of the TikTok threat, and how we might address it.

Ch. 12: Male inequality, explained by an expert | Richard Reeves Part 2 - Big Think - Air Date 1-4-23


Ch. 13: Continuing discussion of J.K. Rowling episode - VoiceMailer Boris

Ch. 14: Marking an isolating Black leaders - V from Central New York


Ch. 15: Final comments on the fundamental disconnections that tend to drive modern debate

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