#1532 Accelerationism is the Brick on the Gas Pedal of the Runaway Car of Society

Air Date: 12–17-2022

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Today, we take a look at the fringe philosophy of accelerationism that is having a bigger impact on society than you will likely have realized as it's been behind some of the worst terror attacks in recent years and is likely behind attacks on infrastructure targeting society as a whole.

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Ch. 1: The Dystopian Philosophy You've Never Heard Of - Philion - Air Date 6-26-22

Explaining the origins of Accelerationism

Ch. 2: A Foiled Plot in Texas: The Threat of Violent Fringe Online Networks - Tech Against Terrorism - Air Date 2-22-22

Matt Kriner is an intelligence analyst with almost a decade of experience researching and analyzing US domestic violent extremists, transnational far-right extremism, and radicalization.

Ch. 3: “It only takes a few” - White Hot Hate - Air Date 11-28-21

Some members of The Base are planning deadly attacks that they hope will spark a race war. Will they be stopped, before it's too late?

Ch. 4: Proud Boys, January 6, and When a U-Haul Is a Clown Car - Angry Planet - Air Date 6-17-22

So, it’s time to look again at what this group — and related groups — did on January 6, and just how dangerous they really are. We’ll also talk about accelerationism, what it is and what accelerationists want.

Ch. 5: Right-Wing, Domestic Terror Eyed In N.C. Infrastructure Sabotage As Facts Remain Elusive - The Rachel Maddow Show - Air Date 12-6-22

Rachel Maddow looks at a mysterious gun attack on electricity infrastructure in North Carolina and how it lines up with a past attack in California in 2013 and a DOJ case this year against white supremacists in Ohio.

Ch. 6: Accelerationism: The International Apocalyptic Doctrine That's Unifying the Far Right - World Affairs Council Monterey Bay - Air Date 5-29-21

Accelerationism is a doctrine of revolutionary violence that holds that society is irreparably broken and must be destroyed. In recent years it has caught on among a variety of disparate movements throughout the world.

Ch. 7: The seductive dangers of speed - RSA Podcasts - Air Date 7-5-17

The accelerating pace of political and economic change can be disorienting – but, for some, change isn’t happening fast enough. Matthew Taylor is joined by the journalist Andy Beckett and philosophers Benjamin Noys and Nina Power


Ch. 8: Why We’re All Rooting for the Apocalypse - Wisecrack - Air Date 4-8-22

The apocalypse has never been more omnipresent in the cultural zeitgeist. But why are we all so convinced that the world is going to end, and do we have a moral obligation to prevent this gnarly fate?


Ch. 9: Sign that union card and support striking unions! - Nick From California


Ch. 10: Final comments giving some helpful advice to White supremacists looking to start a race war

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Description: A young white man dressed in a black hoodie with the hood over his hat is looking away from the camera while wearing a black mask with the image of the lower half of a skull on it. A lit torch is next to him in the foreground. A lit structure and a crowd of people are visible in the background. 

Credit: “Face of the streets” by spoilt.exile, Flickr | License CC by 2.0 | Changes: Cropped


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