#1490 What To Do As We Enter A Post-Roe World

Air Date: 5–14-2022

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Today we take a look at the options and actions still available after the Supreme Court overturns Roe for those seeking abortions and Reproductive Justice more widely. Plus, an obligatory explanation of how we got to now.

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Ch. 1: Learning from Pre-Roe to Navigate Post-Roe - Amicus With Dahlia Lithwick - Air Date 5-5-22

An all-star panel, featuring law professor and podcast host Melissa Murray, journalist and bestselling author Jessica Bruder, and Slate’s news director Susan Matthews—host of the upcoming Season 7 of Slow Burn focusing on the road to Roe v Wade

Ch. 2: Producer Sebastian on the anti-abortion right in the United States - This is Hell! - Air Date 5-5-22

Sebastian gets on his soapbox and lectures about the history of abortion rights and the anti-abortion right in the United States.

Ch. 3: Activists leap to action as expected Supreme Court attack on abortion rights comes to bear - The Rachel Maddow Show - Air Date 5-3-22

Looking at the intertwining fights for reproductive and voting rights.

Ch. 4: Why this former anti-abortion activist regrets the movement he helped build - CNN Amanpour - Air Date 5-4-22

Frank Schaeffer once produced propaganda films that helped launch the Christian right. Now he feels regret for what he calls an 'anti-family' movement.

Ch. 5: Lindsey Shares Her Abortion Story - Serious Inquiries Only - Air Date 5-5-22

Our own Dr. Lindsey Osterman has had an abortion, does not regret it, and wants to tell us why this basic healthcare right matters not just for those in extreme circumstances. Then we discuss the political situation and what can actually be done about it.

Ch. 6: Amy Littlefield on the fight for Abortion Rights - Start Making Sense - Air Date 5-12-22

Progressive faith communities are learning how to support reproductive justice

Ch. 7: Resisting attacks on abortion rights in the US with Emma Norton - Red Flag Radio - Air Date 5-9-22

Roz talks to socialist activist Emma Norton about the history of abortion rights, the limitations of looking to the Democrats to protect the right to choose, and the struggles that are needed to win.

Ch. 8: Roe v Wade Can't Be Saved By Your Vote Featuring David Daley - Thom Hartmann Program - Air Date 5-9-22

David Daley writing for the Boston Globe writes the thought-provoking article "Your Vote Won't Help Restore Abortion Rights" WHAT!?


Ch. 9: The Turnaway Study What The Research Says About Abortion - Short Wave - Air Date 5-9-22

We turned to Dr. Diana Greene Foster, the lead researcher on the interdisciplinary team behind The Turnaway Study. For over a decade, she and her fellow researchers followed just under a thousand women who sought an abortion across 21 states.

Ch. 9: Lindsey Shares Her Abortion Story Part 2 - Serious Inquiries Only - Air Date 5-5-22

Dr. Lindsey Osterman discusses the idea of being made to carry a pregnancy to term before offering the baby for adoption.


Ch. 12: Final comments on how to make sure your efforts to support abortion access are well spent


Get Involved/Support/Volunteer for Abortion Funds & Learn State Laws:

Twitter thread - Getting Involved with Local Abortion Funds (Read on Thread Reader)

Find your local Practical Support Organization

Abortion Access in Your State: A Quiz (with resources) (Lilith.org)

Check out the hashtag #FundAbortionBuildPower

Abortion Pills Stand to be Next Battleground in a Post-Roe America (NY Times)

Curated by BOTL Communications Director Amanda Hoffman 

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Description: The words "WHAT NOW?" in white are overlayed on a faded image of the U.S. Supreme Court. Below the words, is a faded portion of the top of Justice Alito's leaked draft majority opinion indicating Roe v. Wade will be struck down.

Credit: Composite design by Amanda Hoffman using images in the public domain.


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