#1478 Refugees, Borders, War, and the Climate Crisis

Air Date: 3–24-2022

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Today we take a look at the desperate state of refugees fleeing war, strife and climate disruption as well as the response of governments around the world that espouse liberal platitudes of humanitarianism while hardening their borders against those seeking refuge.

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Ch. 1: Fortress Europe: Who gets to come in? - The Real Story - Air Date 11-9-21

The European Union is at loggerheads with Belarus over the arrival of thousands of migrants. It alleges that President Lukashenko has created a deliberate crisis by facilitating the migrants' travel into Belarus and onwards to the country's borders

Ch. 2: War in Ukraine - Humane Ukrainians & A Major Refugee Crisis - The Daily Show - Air Date 3-4-22

As Russia's war on Ukraine continues, compassionate Ukrainians come to the aid of Russian soldiers, and Trevor weighs in on the implications of how European countries are welcoming refugees.

Ch. 3: Afghanistan in Freefall: Deadly U.S. Sanctions Blamed for Shocking Humanitarian Crisis - Democracy Now! - Air Date 1-14-22

As Afghanistan faces a dire humanitarian crisis, we look at how more Afghans may die from U.S. sanctions than at the hands of the Taliban. The U.S.'s attempts to block support for the new de facto government have prevented vital funding from flowing

Ch. 4: Resettlement Support and Legislative Challenges Facing Afghan Refugees - The Takeaway - Air Date 2-18-22

It’s been more than six months since the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan. Since the withdrawal, more than 76,000 Afghans have resettled across the U.S. We check in on resettlement efforts, the challenges facing Afghan refugees, and more

Ch. 5: Fortress Europe - Declarations: The Human Rights Podcast - Air Date 2-2-22

In this week’s episode, host Maryam Tanwir and panelist Yasmin Homer discuss the role of technology in the securitization of European borders with MEP Patrick Breyer and researcher Ainhoa Ruiz.

Ch. 6: Border walls and the climate crisis w/ Nick Buxton - This Is Hell! - Air Date 11-3-21

The Transnational Institute's Nick Buxton on the report "Global Climate Wall"

Ch. 7: Ilhan Omar on Ending War, Global Refugees, Russia Sanctions & Why More Saudi Oil Is Not the Answer - Democracy Now! - Air Date 3-8-22

As the U.S. considers a ban on importing Russian oil as part of sanctions for its invasion of Ukraine, senior advisers to President Biden are reportedly planning to visit Saudi Arabia to secure more oil to make up the shortfall.


Ch. 9: Border walls and the climate crisis w/ Nick Buxton Part 2 - This Is Hell! - Air Date 11-3-21

Discussing the connection between climate policy and the entities who stand to profit the most by fortifying against climate refugees


Ch. 12: Final comments on small-government conservatives' authoritarian tendencies


New way to help defeat fossil fuel allied politicians, no matter their party: Jane Fonda PAC

Help Refugees Around the World: 

Global Empowerment Mission

International Rescue Committee

Refugees International 

Anera (Middle East focus)

UN Refugee Agency

Doctors Without Borders

House Refugees in Your Home:

Room for Refugees (US, UK, Canada)

Refugees at Home (UK only)


8 Ways to Solve the World's Refugee Crisis (Amnesty International)

The Great Climate Migration Has Begun (NYTimes, 2020)

Climate Change Refugees - the world's forgotten victims (World Economic Forum)

#AfricansinUkraine (Twitter hashtag)

Climate Change and Disaster Displacement (UNHCR)

Refugee Environmental Protection Fund (UNHCR)

Curated by BOTL Communications Director Amanda Hoffman 

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