#1451 The Foxification of American Media (Fox News 25th Anniversary) (Repost(

Air Date: 10–27-2021

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Today we take a look at some of the ways that 25 years of Fox News has reshaped our media and political landscape. Crucially, understanding Fox isn't just about their influence on their conservative viewers but how they manage to hack the political conversation for the rest of us.

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Ch. 1: The War On Fox Is Over - The Young Turks - Air Date 12-22-13

Archive clip from A parody of itself (Media) - Best of the Left - Archives - Air Date 2-17-14

Ch. 2: Losing Relatives to Fox News - You're Wrong About - Air Date 12-7-20

Mike tells Sarah what makes older Americans more vulnerable to misinformation — and who is delivering it to them.

Ch. 3: Kevin Drum on how Fox 'News' broke America - The Bradcast - Air Date 9-17-21

Data journalist and longtime Mother Jones columnist KEVIN DRUM explains his exhaustive analysis of the madness of this political moment, and how and why we arrived at it. The Right has seemingly gone mad due to the spread of conspiracy theories.

Ch. 4: You're watching Fox News. You just don't know it. - Vox - Air Date 5-24-19

Fox News was created to push right-wing nonsense to the mainstream, and now there’s no escape.

Ch. 5: Conspiracy Network OAN 90% Funded by AT&T - The David Pakman Show - Air Date 10-7-21

Right wing conspiracy network OAN turns out to be 90% funded by AT&T

Ch. 6: How Fox News Made Every Moment of the Last 25 Years Worse - The New Abnormal - Air Date 10-7-21

Yes, it’s been 25 years since Fox News came on the air—25 years of “refracting the absolute most absurd and destructive and deadly disinformation and misinformation from the right wing fever swamps,” Carusone tells co-hosts Molly and Jesse.

Ch. 7: What 25 Years Of Fox News Poison Has Done To America - All In - Air Date 10-8-21

Chris Hayes marks 25 years of dangerous lies from Fox News: “There is a direct pipeline from what appears on Fox News to the absolute worst manifestations, worst behavior, worst elements of our politics and society.”


Ch. 8: Former Fox News Reporter Tells All - David Pakman Show - Air Date 2-05-13

Archive clip from Ridiculing Fox isn't just fun, it's important (Media) - Best of the Left - Archives - Air Date 2-28-13

Ch. 9: The biggest difference between Trump and Nixon is Fox News - Impeachment, Explained - Air Date 11-8-19

Nicole Hemmer, the brilliant historian of conservative media, joins to discuss how Fox News and the larger conservative media-verse protects Trump but also lures him into disaster.


Ch. 10: Final comments on the multi-decade victim mentality of conservatives about the media

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