#1447 Settler Colonialist Structures Around the World (Repost)

Original Air Date: 10–9-2021

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Today we take a look at structures and specifics of settler colonialism from around the world including the US, Caribbean, Australia, Israel and Mexico

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Ch. 1: History of US imperialism in Latin America: From settler colonialism to Pink Tide - Moderate Rebels - Air Date 12-12-20

Ben Norton was invited to give this talk on US imperialism in Latin America, for the Workers' Party of Ireland. He discusses the history from European settler colonialism, through the Monroe Doctrine, the first cold war, and the three revolutions.

Ch. 2: Slavery, race and capital in the sixteenth century / Gerald Horne - This Is Hell! - Air Date 7-21-20

Gerald Horne discusses the relationship between racism and expansionist foreign policies

Ch. 3: Settler Colonialism Is Behind Climate Denial - Novara Media - Air Date 1-5-20

Australia is on fire. So why do so many of its politicians seem intent on denying the cause?

Ch. 4: Pearls for empire / Molly A. Warsh - This Is Hell! - Air Date 9-20-21

Historian Molly A. Warsh on her book "American Baroque: Pearls and the Nature of Empire, 1492-1700" from UNC Press.

Ch. 5: Rewriting resistance: how Black rebellion shapes world events - People's Republic - Air Date 8-20-20

This week, we continue our commemoration of Black August with Dr. Gerald Horne, professor of history and author of over 40 books, including The Counter-Revolution of 1776.

Ch. 6: Ilan Pappé: Viewing Israel-Palestine Through the Lens of Settler-Colonialism - The East is a Podcast - Air Date 5-13-20

A 2017 lecture by Ilan Pappé titled "The Value of Viewing Israel-Palestine Through the Lens of Settler-Colonialism" hosted by the WRMEA.

Ch. 7: Crimes of Apartheid - In The Thick - Air Date 5-14-21

Maria is joined by guest co-host and ITT All-star Jamilah King to discuss the continued violence and attacks against Palestinians by Israeli settlers and forces in Gaza. We hear from Gaza-based journalist Hana Salah about what she is seeing on the ground.


Ch. 8: Rick Perlstein: ‘I was drafted into the project of settler colonialism as a child’ - The Real News Podcast - Air Date 8-13-21

Marc talks with Rick Perlstein about growing up Jewish in Milwaukee, the process of unlearning Zionist indoctrination, and how the United States' support of an Israeli ethno-state foments continued violence.

Ch. 9: Gerald Horne: Slavery, White Supremacy, & The Roots Of Settler Colonialism - Last Born In The Wilderness - Air Date 5-25-18

Did racism and white supremacy arise as a result of the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade in the 17th century, or did these concepts exist prior to the mass enslavement of Africans and the genocide of the indigenous peoples on what is now called America?

Ch. 10: So Far from God, So Close to the United States w/ Alexander Aviña - American Prestige - Air Date 9-9-21

The boys speak with Alexander Aviña, an assistant professor of history at Arizona State University, about the history of Mexico and U.S.-Mexican Relations from the 1810 Mexican War of Independence to the "drug war" of today.


Ch. 11: No velvet glove - Nick From California

Ch. 12: Followup on conspiracy theory hot take - Nick from California


Ch. 13: Final comments on how conspiracy theorists are like timeshare sales people

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