#1426 The Liberation and Assimilation of Pride Month

Air Date: 6–26-2021

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Today we take a look at the mainstreaming of Pride in recent decades and what that is doing to the liberatory origins of the Pride movement. Corporatization and "pink washing" highlight the wide-but-shallow support for LGBTQ liberation while debate over inclusion of LGBTQ police marching in uniform highlight the remaining oppressions that are still ignored by large swaths of the more mainstream-friendly LGBTQ community.

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Ch. 1: Are Corporations Taking Advantage of Pride - Hysteria - Air Date 6-17-21

Tien Tran and Shaniqua McClendon stop by to discuss cause marketing and why pride is feeling more pink washed than year’s past. Finally, why Batman is actually the worst boyfriend...in Sanity Corner.

Ch. 2: Pride - PFLAG National What Makes Pride - Air Date 6-1-21

Viewers get to know two BIPOC Pride organizations and their organizers: Jay Walker, Co-Founder of Reclaim Pride Coalition, and Taylor Alxndr, Executive Director of Southern Fried Queer Pride.

Ch. 3: The History of LGBTQ+ Pride Part 1 - Past Present - Air Date 6-15-21

In this episode, Niki, Natalia, and Neil discuss the history of LGBTQ+ Pride.

Ch. 4: Kink, Cops And Corporations At Pride - It's Been a Minute with Sam Sanders - Air Date 6-4-21

When Pride comes around every June, the same arguments start up again— should there be kink, cops and corporations at Pride? And who is Pride for? Sam talks to writer and author Roxane Gay.

Ch. 5: The History of LGBTQ+ Pride Part 2 - Past Present - Air Date 6-15-21

Ch. 6: The Status of Laws and Policies Targeting the Transgender Community - The Takeaway - Air Date 6-1-21

Across the country, state legislators have introduced bills that target members of the transgender community.

Ch. 7: Chasten Buttigieg Blasts Hypocrisy Of RNC Chair, Stresses The Equality Act - MSNBC - Air Date 6-9-21

Chasten Buttigieg blasts the RNC chairwoman for claiming her party is supportive of LGBTQ Americans


Ch. 8: Progress on voting rights, filibuster, SCOTUS upholds Obamacare - The BradCast - Air Date 6-17-21

The Republicans' stolen-and-packed Supreme Court approved discrimination against same-sex couples by a Philadelphia foster care group, but LGBTQ advocacy groups say the very narrow ruling could have been much worse.

Ch. 9: Pride 2021 has set a record in anti-trans bills in America - PBS NewsHour - Air Date 6-6-21

Ivette Feliciano spoke with Chase Strangio, Deputy Director for Transgender Justice for the ACLU LGBT & HIV Project, about this record setting year in state legislation aimed at the transgender community.


Ch. 10: American Rescue Plan, Equality Payment - Rich

Ch. 11: Curation - Amy

Ch. 12: Corporatocracy - Christian

Ch. 13: Pumping up Twitter - Alan from Connecticut


Ch. 14: Final comments on @WhoWroteBetter on Twitter

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