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You’ve reached today’s activism segment. Now that you’re informed and angry, here’s a reminder that certain awful things don’t go away quickly, so we have to stay vigilant and keep fighting them until we succeed. Today’s update: Opposing the Trans-Pacific Partnership on Climate Grounds.

While the UN Climate Change Conference continues in Paris this week, we have the opportunity to do some intersectional activism. Trade, labor, climate, health — all these things are always connected; let’s use the spotlight on Paris to remind our legislators how true that is.

The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy put out their analysis on the TPP and have bullet-pointed three ways it would hurt the climate:

1 — It expands the rights of corporations to challenge regulations.

2 — It drives natural gas exports and production.

3 — Limiting support for local, renewable energy systems.

Using Public Citizen's action link “Stop the Trans-Pacific Partnership” at Citizen.org, you’ll use your ZIP code to address the auto-fill letter to the correct legislators. Take the time to add “for the climate” to the “Vote no on the TPP” subject line” and include a personal comment in the body of the letter about why you’re against the faux trade deal.

Don’t forget to post about sending the letter on social media using the #StopTPP hashtag as well as the one being used internationally for the Paris climate talks, #COP21. You can find your legislators’ handles and Facebook pages at ContactingTheCongress.org; and, as always, if you’re feeling motivated, you can get their direct phone line there as well to leave a message saying you’re a constituent who opposes the Trans-Pacific Partnership.

For those who enjoy a good social media campaign, you can also visit ExposeTheTPP.org to add your palm pic to the collection with the reason you oppose the trade deal written across your hand and posed in the fingers-out “Stop” sign.


The TPP is bad for the climate! via "3 Ways the TPP Will Hurt the Climate—If We Let It Pass” at The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy

Follow-up/new Action!

CONTACT: your legislators about TPP with climate-specific concerns. via Public Citizen

SHOW why you oppose the TPP on social media via Expose The TPP

Sources/further reading:

FOLLOW: #COP21 for updates on the Paris Climate Negotiations

"It’s Never Been about Trade” via The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy

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Written by BOTL social media/activism director Katie Klabusich

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