#1253 The Joy of Tax (Comparing the US and Scandinavian Systems)

Air Date: 3–1-2019
Today we take a look at the social benefits of high taxation as the US gears up for our first genuine debate on raising taxes in a long time with an eye toward the life-improving programs that money could fund.

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Ch. 1: Dean Baker on Taxing the Rich - CounterSpin (@FAIRmediawatch) - Air Date 2-7-19

We’ll talk about some of the proposals to reduce wealth and income inequality—what they can and can’t do, and why we need them all—with economist Dean Baker

Ch. 2: Bruce Bartlett explains the GOP Starve the Beast strategy - Pitchfork Economics - Airdate 1-29-19

Reaganomics and the destructive power of austerity. We need a strong and vocal socialist left to pull the conversation back to the left.

Ch. 3: Democrats are Eisenhower Republicans - The Zero Hour w @RJEskow - Air Date 9-9-17

Explaining how the GOP went from the party of fiscal responsibility to the opposite and why the Democrats took up the task themselves

Ch. 4: George Lakey on Viking Economics and when change happens Part 1 - @InDeepRadio w @AngieCoiro - Air Date 12-27-17

How did Nordic countries become what they are today? They've worked to eliminate poverty and produce an alternative vision of economies. Workers are happier and more productive.

Ch. 5: How to Be Happy - Freakonomics Radio - Airdate 1-2-19

Looking at Gross Domestic Product versus Gross National Happiness and how Nordic countries have built the social trust to afford sweeping social programs

Ch. 6: George Lakey on Viking Economics and when change happens Part 2 - @InDeepRadio w @AngieCoiro - Air Date 12-1-17

Why is America the way it is? Reagan. We were heading the way of Nordic economies but Reaganomics put America on the economic defense, regressing our progress.


Ch. 7: The dynamics of supporting candidates - Dave from Olympia, WA

Ch. 8: Was Harris treated differently because of her minority status? - Marguerite from Fortuna, CA


Ch. 9: Final comments on the racial and gender dynamics of covering and criticizing presidential candidates

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