#1202 The threats against reproductive justice - past, present and future

Air Date: 8–17-2018
Today we take a look at the threats to reproductive justice everywhere, from the newest Supreme Court nominee to the entire long and storied history of the structures of power clamoring to control the bodies of women with a particular focus on the destinies of communities of color.


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Ch. 1: Mark Joseph Stern on how conservatives plan to hollow out Roe v Wade - Bradcast from @TheBradBlog - Air Date 7-10-18

Mark Joseph Stern explains exactly how conservatives plan to hollow out Roe v Wade without overturning it outright to effectively bam abortion while buffering the political backlash.

Ch. 2: Kinsey Hasstedt on the new rules looking to further control women's access to health care - CounterSpin (@FAIRmediawatch) - Air Date 5-26-18

Kinsey Hasstedt on the Trump administration's announcement of rules further controlling the reproductive health care that women reliant on federally funded family planning programs can receive.

Ch. 3: Dr. Willie Parker on the crossroads of faith and reproductive justice. - @Making_Contact - Air Date 11-15-18

What if faith could fuel a movement that supports women and families in having real choices over their lives and their bodies? Dr. Willie Parker on the crossroads of faith and reproductive justice.

Ch. 4: Loretta Ross on Race and Reproductive Justice - @speakouttimwise - Air Date 2-13-18

Tim speaks with Loretta Ross, one of the nation’s leading scholars and activists in the movement for reproductive justice. She was the co-founder and National Coordinator of the SisterSong Women of Color Reproductive Justice Collective from 2005-2012.

Ch. 5: Toni Bond Leonard on the origins of the movement for reproductive justice - @Making_Contact - Air Date 11-15-18

Toni Bond Leonard explaining the crossroads of faith and reproductive justice.

Ch. 6: Examining some of the specific reproduction issues that affect communities of color - In the Thick - Air Date 7-10-18

Maria and Julio talk to Tannia Esparza, executive director of the organization Young Women United, and Regina Mahone, VP/managing editor of Rewire.News about the impact of reproductive rights restrictions on women of color.



Ch. 7: The passing of Ed Shultz - Jeff from Charlotte, NC

Ch. 8: Explaining the difference between liberalism and progressivism - Craig from Ohio

Ch. 9: The problem with the intentionally faulty framing of political issues - Daniel from Washington


Ch. 10: Final comments on why we missed an episode, announcing that we’re on Instagram and appreciating the term “oppression canary”



Important primaries are happening in August! Learn about the races, voter registration dates, how to help progressive candidates, and more at the links below...

*AUGUST 21ST*  (Alaska & Wyoming Spotlights)

Alaska (Reg. Deadlines: Primary: July 22nd / General: Oct. 7th)

Early voting happening now! Find locations 

Governor - Mark Begich and Dana Call

U.S. House At Large - Dimitri Shein (Dem) vs. Alyse Galvin (Ind)

Wyoming (Reg. Deadlines: Primary: Aug. 6th or day-of in-person / General: Oct. 22nd)

Governor (Dem Primary) - Mary Throne  vs. Ken Casper vs. Rex Wilde

U.S. House At Large - Greg Hunter vs. Travis Helm

Heads up for Nov. 6th! U.S. Senate - Gary Trauner (uncontested in primary)

*AUGUST 28TH* (Check next episode for Arizona & Florida spotlights)


U.S. Senate: Deedra Abboud 

U.S. House 2nd District: Mary Matiella 

U.S. House 3rd District: Raul Grijalva (incumbent) 


U.S. House 7th District: Chardo Richardson 

U.S. House 8th District: Sanjay Patel 

U.S. House 18th District: Pam Keith

U.S. House 26th District: Debbie Mucarsel-Powell 

U.S. House 27th District: Michael Hepburn

Heads up for Nov. 6th! U.S. Senate: Bill Nelson (incumbent; uncontested in primary; running against Rick Scott in Nov)

(For future primary & general election spotlights, listen for future segments of "The Midterms Minute.")


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