#1192 Fighting for Single Payer and against our neoliberal health system ​

Air Date: 6–26-2018
Today we take a look at the misguided transformation of our thinking about health care that causes us to accept the idea of it being a market-based commodity, who continues to support this idea and why it continues to make suckers of us all

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Ch. 1: Natalie Shure on how neoliberals turned healthcare from a right to a commodity - Citations Needed - Air Date 6-21-18


Ch. 2: Why Democrats Resist Medicare For All - @TZHRJ - Air Date 03-12-18


Ch. 3: Explaining Medicare Extra and the reason corporate Democrats want to save employer-based health insurance - Doomed - Air Date 3-10-18


Ch. 4: Healthcare isn't something people should have to choose to spend money on - Citations Needed - Air Date 6-21-18


Ch. 5: Join Your Local Single-Payer Advocacy Group via @HCNow - Best of the Left Activism


Ch. 6:  Elisabeth Rosenthal explains why the US health care system is so bad - Intercepted - Air Date 6-13-18


Ch. 7: Final comments on why single-payer health care is good for gender equality



Find & Join your Local Single-Payer Advocacy Group via Healthcare NOW 

CALL/WRITE/TWEET your members of Congress to push them to publicly support the Medicare for All Act before the Midterms:

House Co-sponsors

Senate Co-sponsors


The Midterm Elections and Medicare For All (Healthcare NOW!)

Is Medicare-for-all a winning message for midterm elections? DSCC chairman weighs in (CBS)

Why So Many Democrats Are Embracing Single-Payer Health Care (The Atlantic)

"Medicare for All" is a winner in Democratic primaries (Axios)

Single-Payer Health Care Is The Key To Democratic Victory In 2018 (WBUR)

Written by BOTL Communications Director Amanda Hoffman 




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