#1619 A Guide to Protests Against Injustice from the Peaceful to the Deadly

Air Date: 3-30-2024

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We are living through an age of protest from the opposition to the Iraq war, the Arab Spring uprisings, Occupy Wall Street, marches against Trump, and now the war in Gaza. So, we thought we should take a look at the art and science of protest itself.

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Ch. 1: The Missing Revolutions of The 2010s | Ash Sarkar Meets Vincent Bevins Part 1 - Novara Media - Air Date 10-29-23

The 2010s saw a new era of mass protest, from Arab Spring uprisings in Tunisia, Egypt and Syria, to Occupy Wall Street, EuroMaidan and Hong Kong’s Umbrella Movement. Many of these movements shared a “horizontalist” or leaderless approach

Ch. 2: The Uncommitted Movement feat. Layla Elabed & Waleed Shahid - Chapo Trap House - Air Date 3-8-24

Organizers Layla Elabed and Waleed Shahid join us to discuss their recent successes with the movement to vote uncommitted against Joe Biden in the ongoing democratic primaries. They lay out their goals

Ch. 3: Why Peaceful Protest Won't Solve Anything - Second Thought - Air Date 8-12-22

Ch. 4: Gaza Protesters SHUT DOWN Schiff's Victory Speech - The Majority Report - Air Date 3-6-24

Ch. 5: The Missing Revolutions of The 2010s | Ash Sarkar Meets Vincent Bevins Part 2 - Novara Media - Air Date 10-29-23

Ch. 6: The Life & Death of Aaron Bushnell: U.S. Airman Self-Immolates Protesting U.S. Support for Israel - Democracy Now! - Air Date 2-28-24

In an act that has captured the attention of the world, Aaron Bushnell, a 25-year-old active-duty member of the U.S. Air Force, set himself on fire outside the Israeli Embassy in Washington Sunday to protest Israel’s assault on Gaza


Ch. 7: Farmer Protests - Outrage + Optimism - Air Date 2-2-24

The global farmers’ protests, what's behind them, how they are being co-opted by right-leaning populist parties as an ‘anti-net zero’ rhetoric and what needs to be done to support both farmers and the planet to thrive.

Ch. 8: "They're Inside for Us, We're Outside for Them" - Uprising Support on Anti-repression, Building Memory, Care, and Resilience - Millennials Are Killing Capitalism - Air Date 8-30-23

Cappy talks about anti-repression work as memory work. As a mode of becoming more effective as organizers, as a way of extending networks of care, and a method of building resilience in our organizations and movements.


Ch. 12: Final comments on the importance of building momentum over time with protest

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Description: A photo of a handmade protest sign taped to a chainlink fence that says "This is a movement not a moment." Taped to the bottom of the sign is a smaller sign that says "Jacob Blake" with hearts around it.

Credit: "18a.StreetArtFence.BLM.Plaza.WDC.27August2020" by Elvert Barnes, Flickr | License: CC BY-SA 2.0 | Changes: Cropped, slightly increased brightness, contrast and saturation.

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