#1614 Deep-Fakery and Deep Consequences for Democracy: AI-generated fake news threatens elections around the world and makes people question the ability to know what is real.

Air Date: 2-28-2024

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AI-generated deepfakes, entirely fabricated audio and video of recognizable people, are here. They have been on the horizon for years but they have finally arrived during the biggest global election year in history which may prove to be a make-or-break year for democracy itself as we struggle to separate fact from fiction and autocracy is on the rise around the world.

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Ch. 1: Deepfaking Democracy: Why AI Threatens News And Global Elections In 2024 - Forbes - Air Date 2-6-24

Deepfaked news segments that appear to be delivered by well-known journalists and TV networks are going viral on social media. Oftentimes, the view counts of deepfaked segments largely outnumber those of real news stories.

Ch. 2: AI Deepfakes Are Everywhere and Congress is Completely Out of Their Depth - CYBER - Air Date 2-9-24

An AI-generated Biden called voters in New Hampshire ahead of the primary and told them to stay home. X locked down the search term “Taylor Swift” after AI-generated nudes of the pop giant flooded the platform.

Ch. 3: Tech giants pledge action against deceptive AI in elections - All Things Considered - Air Date 2-16-24

Tech giants including Microsoft, Meta, Google, Amazon, X, OpenAI and TikTok unveiled an agreement on Friday aimed at mitigating the risk that artificial intelligence will disrupt elections in 2024.

Ch. 4: Deepfake Adult Content Is a Serious and Terrifying Issue - Aperture - Air Date 5-1-23

Ch. 5: Will Killing Section 230 Kill the Internet? - On with Kara Swisher - Air Date 2-23-23

Today, we hear from three experts: Stanford Law professor Evelyn Douek, National Constitution Center President and CEO Jeffrey Rosen and UC Berkeley computer science professor Hany Farid.

Ch. 6: When AI can fake reality, who can you trust? | Sam Gregory - TED Talks Daily - Air Date 12-20-23

What happens to democracy when we can't trust what we see? Learn three key steps to protecting our ability to distinguish human from synthetic — and why fortifying our perception of truth is crucial to our AI-infused future.


Ch. 7: Deepfaking Democracy: Why AI Threatens News And Global Elections In 2024 Part 2 - Forbes - Air Date 2-6-24

Ch. 8: The Taylor Swift Deepfake Saga - What Next: TBD - Air Date 2-2-24

For all the promise of the technology, one use-case for artificial intelligence reared its ugly head last week: non-consensual pornographic images. Millions of users saw abusive A.I. generated images of Taylor Swift proliferate across X


Ch. 12: Final comments on even more dangers from news sites populated with AI-generated content

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Description: Computer-generated image of a silhouetted man standing in front of a large wall-sized image of the profile of a middle-aged man with digitized lines and cracks running through it.

Credit: "ai-generated-man-computer-science" by NickyPe, Pixabay | License


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