#1609 The Post-Roe World is Bad But it Could Still Get Worse - Abortion Bans in the US Are Causing Widespread Suffering for Both Patients and Doctors Attempting to Navigate the New Normal

Air Date: 2-10-2024

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Continuing to tell the stories of those directly impacted by abortion bans is important to demonstrate the extreme stances taken by anti-choice politicians but we also look ahead to potential ways the situation could be made even worse as well as efforts to relieve the suffering.

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Ch. 1: Texas Abortion Laws Cruel Outcomes - Amicus With Dahlia Lithwick - Air Date 12-16-23

The results of overturning Roe have reached their awful, logical conclusion.

Ch. 2: Post-Roe America 5. Culture of Silence - The Nocturnists - Air Date 10-19-23

In episode 5 of The Nocturnists: Post-Roe America we talk about the culture of silence around reproductive health in medical spaces, and how breaking that silence is our only hope for reclaiming our reproductive freedom.

Ch. 3: Texas Abortion Laws Cruel Outcomes Part 2 - Amicus With Dahlia Lithwick - Air Date 12-16-23

Ch. 4: Did Kate Cox Expose GOP Plan To Turn Women into Property - Thom Hartmann Program - Air Date 12-14-23

The saga of Kate Cox in Texas is making it clear to every American that GOP opposition to abortion isn’t just about abortion: it’s ultimately about controlling every aspect of women’s bodies and lives.

Ch. 5: Abortion Pills For All w/ Sydney Calkin - The Majority Report - Air Date 1-6-24

Dr. Sydney Calkin, senior lecturer in the School of Geography at Queen Mary University in London, to discuss her recent book Abortion Pills Go Global: Reproductive Freedom across Borders.

Ch. 6: Melissa Gira Grant on Abortion Rights & Politics - CounterSpin - Air Date 12-1-23

Too many outlets seem to have trouble shaking the framing of abortion as a "controversy," or as posing problems for this or that politician.

Ch. 7: Biden's Team Finding Ways Around Brutal Abortion Ban - The Majority Report - Air Date 1-16-24

Slate's Mark Joseph Stern joins Sam and Emma to discuss the Supreme Court decision to restore a brutal abortion ban in Idaho.

Ch. 8: Republicans Are Deleting Mentions Of Abortion From Their Campaign Websites - The Ring of Fire - Air Date 2-3-24

An investigation by The Independent has found multiple Republican politicians that have deleted all mentions of abortion from their campaign websites.


Ch. 9: Abortion Pills For All w/ Sydney Calkin Part 2 - The Majority Report - Air Date 1-6-24


Ch. 10: Potential concerns about walkable towns - Jeff from Charlotte, NC


Ch. 12: Final comments on addressing concerns regarding the 15-minute city concept of walkable towns


Support repro rights orgs doing vital work, such as: 

National Network of Abortion Funds 

Center for Reproductive Rights

Abortion Access Legal Defense Fund

Curated by BOTL Communications Director Amanda Hoffman 

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Description: Photo of a protestor holding a handmade sign that reads "You can't ban abortion. You can only ban safe abortion." 

Credit: "Defend Abortion Rights - Maintain the Rage" by Matt Hrkac, Flickr | License: CC BY 2.0 | Changes: Cropped


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