#1607 The Tangled, Flammable Web of War in the Middle East

Air Date: 2-3-2024

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We attempt to understand as many of the interlocking elements as possible in the current Middle East conflicts sparked most prominently by the ongoing genocide in Gaza.

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Ch. 1: From Red Sea to Iran, Will Israel's Gaza Assault Spark Wider War - Democracy Now! - Air Date 1-17-24

For a look at where all this is headed, we speak with journalist Spencer Ackerman, who says it's "the most dangerous moment for the Middle East" he has witnessed in over 20 years of covering war and security.

Ch. 2: Houthis Are Not Iranian Proxies Helen Lackner on the History & Politics of Yemen's Ansar Allah - Democracy Now! - Air Date 2-1-24

Helen Lackner, author of several books on Yemen, describes the history of the Houthis, the political landscape in Yemen, and debunks the idea the group is controlled by Iran.

Ch. 3: What does Iran want - The Inquiry - Air Date 1-25-24

After months of tension and hostility in the Middle East over the Gaza-Israel conflict, Iran has publicly stated its desire to avoid a regional conflict. It has however displayed its military force on several fronts.

Ch. 4: Biden Stands at the Precipice of a Greater War in the Middle East and His Political Future Part 1 - Intercepted - Air Date 1-31-24

After years of attempting to pivot away from the region, the Biden administration now looks set to deepen its military involvement in the Middle East as it fights the Houthis in Yemen and squares off in an escalating proxy war with Iran.

Ch. 5: Drone Strike Kills 3 U.S. Troops in Jordan as Risk Grows of Regional War over Israel's Gaza Assault - Democracy Now! - Air Date 1-29-24

"There will be more of these attacks, for sure," says Palestinian American journalist Rami Khouri, who lays out the simmering regional conflict and questions U.S. foreign policy running counter to American opinion and strategic goals.

Ch. 6: Biden Stands at the Precipice of a Greater War in the Middle East and His Political Future Part 2 - Intercepted - Air Date 1-31-24

Ch. 7: Christiane Amanpour on Biden's Iran Dilemma - Americast - Air Date 1-31-24

Christiane Amanpour, the Iranian-British Chief International Anchor for CNN, is our star guest this week. We hear why Joe Biden now walks a tightrope between avoiding escalation in the Middle East, and projecting strength at home.


Ch. 8: Biden Stands at the Precipice of a Greater War in the Middle East and His Political Future Part 3 - Intercepted - Air Date 1-31-24

Ch. 9: Host's Anti-Ceasefire BS Dismantled Completely During INTENSE Debate - The Majority Report - Air Date 1-28-24

Analyzing a debate struggling to break free from the myopic, Western perspective that puts economic concerns over genocide


Ch. 10: Countering Green-Lanternism - Erin from (Just Outside) Philadelphia


Ch. 12: Final comments on building power in the long and short term

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Description: A satellite image of the Middle East.

Credit: "Satellite relief map of Middle East" by Merikanto, Wikimedia | License: CC BY-SA 4.0 | Changes: Cropped


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