#1603 Clarence Thomas and the Highest Court in the Land with the Lowest Standards of Ethics

Air Date: 1-13-2024

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The Supreme Court began to lose its legitimacy in the eyes of many when President Obama wasn't allowed to fill the open seat left by the death of Antonin Scalia but, in truth, the scandal and manipulation of the nation's highest court go back much, much farther than that. However, in a bygone age, scandal was handled much differently than today, putting our current state of dysfunction and hyper-partisanship into sharp focus.

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Ch. 1: Ralph explains the need for resignations and reform on the Supreme Court - Ralph Nader Radio Hour - Air Date 12-30-23

I think they are reaching a point—the six-justice majority— of getting a huge backlash… I don't call for the impeachment of Justices very easily. In case after case these Justices come down on the side of artificial entities called corporations

Ch. 2: Astonishing Corruption at The Supreme Court? - LegalEagle - Air Date 5-6-23

Ethics? Never heard of it

Ch. 3: Supreme Court's Corrupt Financial Ties To Billionaire Exposed During Senate Hearing - The Majority Report - Air Date 5-3-23

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI) used a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing on Supreme Court ethics on Tuesday to discuss the financial ties between Justice Clarence Thomas and conservative billionaire Harlan Crow.

Ch. 4: EXPOSED: Supreme Court Corruption CAUGHT Red Handed - The Kyle Kulinski Show - Air Date 4-27-23

Looking at Neil Gorsuch's questionable property sale and Clarence Thomas' refusal to answer to congress

Ch. 5: Clarence Thomas Grifting - The Muckrake Political Podcast - Air Date 12-19-23

They shift to another bombshell report about Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas's taking advantage of his position to enrich his lifestyle, before discussing 2023 and its most important news stories.

Ch. 6: New Supreme Court ethics code 'does very little' to hold justices accountable, expert says - PBS NewsHour - Air Date 11-13-23

The nine Supreme Court justices handed down a surprise unanimous decision binding themselves to a new code of ethics. It comes after criticism over undisclosed perks for some of the justices. Amna Nawaz unpacked the court’s new rules with Kathleen Clark

Ch. 7: How to Fix a Broken Supreme Court - Robert Reich - Air Date 7-18-23

Justice Roberts refused to testify in a hearing on SCOTUS ethics. Thomas and Alito accepted luxury vacations from GOP megadonors. Gorsuch sold property to the CEO of a law firm that argues cases before the Court.


Ch. 8: Bombshell new report on the Supreme Court's abortion leak - All In with Chris Hayes - Air Date 12-15-23

New York Times investigative reporter Jodi Kantor joins Chris Hayes to discuss her behind-the-scenes look into the dismantling of Roe, including new details on a last-ditch, bipartisan attempt to save abortion rights.

Ch. 9: Supreme Court Scandals: A Story of Justice - Now & Then - Air Date 4-26-23

Samuel Chase’s impeachment over his pronounced Federalist leanings, Stephen J. Field’s 1880s relationships with railroad magnates, and Abe Fortas’ 1969 resignation following the revelation of his acceptance of consulting fees from a felonious financier


Ch. 10: Final comments on John Roberts' year-end report and the slide away from the possibility of accountability

Article: Chief Justice John Roberts’ AI Report Reads Like an Old Robot Wrote It

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Description: A close-up photograph of the entrance of the U.S. Supreme Court building. White stone columns partly lit by sun slightly obscure the dark wooden entryway door at the center in shadow.

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