#1598 Kiss of Death: Henry Kissinger's Bloody Legacy of Indifference

Air Date: 12-12-2023

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Henry Kissinger, it turns out, was actually a pretty good representative of the United States, the foreign policy actions we took, and the reasonings we gave for them over the past century. He embodied the idea that the US is always on the side of right, the world and its inhabitants are merely a game board and pieces for us to manipulate for our own ends, and that lives, particularly foreign lives, lost in pursuit of our interests are not of much concern.

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Ch. 1: A look at the consequential and controversial legacy of Henry Kissinger - PBS NewsHour - Air Date 11-30-23

Henry Kissinger, America’s most consequential and controversial Secretary of State, died Wednesday at the age of 100. He reached the peak of his power in the 1970s and remained highly influential until the very end. reports.

Ch. 2: Henry Kissinger's Huge but Deeply Problematic Legacy - The Brian Lehrer Show - Air Date 11-30-23

Henry Kissinger has died at 100 years old. Fred Kaplan, Slate's War Stories columnist and the author of many books, including The Bomb: Presidents, Generals, and the Secret History of Nuclear War examines the diplomat's impact on U.S. foreign policy

Ch. 3: Kissinger: An Architect of Genocide - The Majority Report - Air Date 12-5-23

Tim Shorrock then gives his initial reflections on Kissinger’s passing and the myriad lies he told for the ends of US primacy. Shorrock and Emma trace Kissinger’s bloody footprints from Vietnam and East Timor to Argentina

Ch. 4: Henry Kissinger and the Moral Bankruptcy of U.S. Elites - Democracy Now! - Air Date 11-30-23

Henry Kissinger is dead at the age of 100. The former U.S. statesman served as national security adviser and secretary of state at the height of the Cold War and wielded influence over U.S. foreign policy for decades afterward.

Ch. 5: The Case Against Henry Kissinger: War Crimes Prosecutor Reed Brody on Kissinger’s Legacy of “Slaughter” - Democracy Now! - Air Date 12-1-23

Former U.S. secretary of state and national security adviser Henry Kissinger has died at the age of 100. He leaves behind a legacy of American statecraft that brought war and mass atrocities to Southeast Asia, South Asia and South America

Ch. 6: The world Henry Kissinger built - The Take (Al Jazeera English) - Air Date 12-1-23

Henry Kissinger was a giant of our world order for half a century. The former US secretary of state died at the age of 100 on Wednesday. He left a mark on every region – often not for the better of those left in the wake of his controversial policies.


Ch. 7: Henry Kissinger's Reactionary Idealism - Against the Grain - Air Date 10-11-17

Historian Greg Grandin reflects on the ideology and practice of Henry Kissinger.

Ch. 8: Amb. Martin Indyk Pens Kissinger Book - The Mehdi Hasan Show - Air Date 11-12-21

Former envoy to Israel, Martin Indyk, is out with a new book that details Henry Kissinger’s legacy in the Middle East.


Ch. 9: Final comments on our year-end membership drive

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Description: A photo of the profile of an elderly Henry Kissinger with a solemn expression. His hair is white and he wears glasses and a dark suit. 

Credit: "Dr. Henry Kissinger listens..." by U.S. Secretary of State, Flickr | License: CC BY 2.0 | Changes: Horizontal crop


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