#1474 Invasion of Ukraine: Some Context

Air Date: 3–4-2022

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Today we take a look at the history of Ukraine as a Soviet state, war-torn state, famished state, independent state, westernizing state, energy-exploring state, revolutionary state, annexed state, and invaded state. We also look at the role of the west and NATO as well as Putin's history and possible motivations.

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Ch. 1: The real and imagined history of Ukraine - Today Explained - Air Date 2-25-22

Vladimir Putin says Ukraine isn’t a country. He’s wrong.

Ch. 2: Timothy Snyder ─ Ukraine and Russia in a Fracturing Europe - Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs - Air Date 5-3-16

Timothy Snyder is the Bird White Housum Professor of History at Yale University, specializing in the history of central and eastern Europe.

Ch. 3: From spy to president: The rise of Vladimir Putin - Vox - Air Date 3-23-17

Putin’s intent on pushing back against the Western world order... and it appears to be working.

Ch. 4: What Russia And Putin Actually Want With Ukraine - AJ+ - Air Date 2-17-22

Troops are being deployed, harsh words have been said, and there is potential for an all-out war. Tensions between Russia, Ukraine, and the West keep escalating, and so do concerns.

Ch. 5: Journalist Andrew Cockburn & Historian Timothy Snyder on Ukraine, Russia, NATO Expansion & Sanctions - Democracy Now - Air Date 3-1-22

Snyder says the focus on NATO ignores the agency of leaders in Ukraine and elsewhere who have the right to seek their own arrangements. “It’s very important to remember that the world isn’t just about Washington and Moscow.

Ch. 6: Is the West to Blame for Russia's Invasion? (no) - TLDR News - Air Date 2-27-22

Some have suggested that the West is the blame for Russia's invasion into Ukraine, that their actions and expansion forced Putin's hand. So in this video, we'll explain that argument and why it's fundamentally wrong.

Ch. 7: Why Russia is Invading Ukraine - RealLifeLore - Air Date 2-26-22

Explaining the oil interests in Ukraine that may be a motivating factor to Russia which, up until the backlash to the invasion of Ukraine, enjoyed dominance over the European oil market.

Ch. 8: America, Russia, and Ukraine's Far-Right - The Gravel Institute - Air Date 2-18-22

This video is about American funding for the Azov Battalion. It explicitly condemns Russian propaganda that Ukraine is a "neo-Nazi country." We stand strongly against Russia's invasion and will be publishing a video about the Russian oligarchy.

Ch. 9: Putin's Bogus Claim To "Denazify" Ukraine - The Mehdi Hasan Show - Air Date 2-25-22

Steven Pifer, the former ambassador to Ukraine under Bill Clinton, and Jason Stanley, author of “How Fascism Works,” join Mehdi Hasan to discuss the Russian propaganda narrative.


Ch. 10: A Young Country With An Old History - WorldAffairs - Air Date 1-31-22

Historians Katherine Younger and Emily Channell-Justice tell Ray Suarez the story of modern Ukraine, and why embracing Western values has made Ukraine a threat to Vladimir Putin.

Ch. 11: Ukraine: Questions for the Anti-War Movement - Empire Files - Air Date 2-27-22

An analysis of Putin's anti-communist speech

Ch. 12: The Crimean War, Putin, and the War Over Reality - The Muckrake Podcast - Air Date 3-1-22

Jared Yates Sexton flies solo in this episode, tracing Russian history from the Crimean War to Vladimir Putin's invasion of Ukraine, how the New World Order conspiracy theory led to this mess.


Ch. 13: Final comments on why you should probably listen to all that again


Ways to Help Ukrainians, Protest War, Etc. (*Please always do your own research before giving*): 

CODEPINK Global Day of Action, Sunday, March 6th: "Stop the War in Ukraine. Russian Troops Out. No to NATO expansion." (CODEPINK)

Support Ukraine's Independent Media Organizations and Journalists (Campaign endorsed by The Kyiv Independent)

Here’s How You Can Help LGBTQ+ and Black Ukrainian Refugees (Self)

25 Meaningful Ways You Can Help Ukraine (GlobalCitizen)

Linkt.ree of Resources/Ways to Help Ukrainians Curated by the nonprofit @RazomforUkraine (Razom for Ukraine)

Curated by BOTL Communications Director Amanda Hoffman 

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Description: A blue and yellow Ukrainian flag is waved in the air in front of a cloudy sky above a protest to show solidarity with Ukrainians. 

Credit: Amanda Hoffman, February 2022 


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