#TBT #1250 Teachers at the forefront of a resurgent progressive labor movement (Throwback)

Original Air Date: 2–15-2019
Today we take a look at the recent teachers union strike in the Los Angeles school district and see it as another event in an emerging pattern of progressive uprisings that have been stirring for the last decade, fighting back against the status quo, the neoliberal instinct to privatize everything for the ultimate benefit of billionaires.


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Ch. 1: Why Teachers Are Striking in Los Angeles - NowThis - Air Date 1-20-19

‘This strike is a strike to save public education.’ — Here’s why Los Angeles teachers are striking in their own words.

Ch. 2: Alex Caputo-Pearl explains the teachers union strategy and planning ahead of the strike - Belabored by Dissent Magazine - Air Date 1-13-19

Caputo-Pearl talks about a wide range of issues that led to the strike. Building up to the strike as a leader in the union. UTLA received criticism for being too bold but with an issue this large, it's important to be bold.

Ch. 3: Sarah Jaffe on the intersectional movements coming together in the teachers' strike - The Dig - Air Date 1-17-2019

The people in power are all about privatization. Public education attacks are compared to citizens united. Public schools have become a competing marketplace instead of educational services.

Ch. 4: A surge in strikes! - Past Present - Air Date: 1-28-2019

Niki, Natalia, and Neil discuss the Los Angeles teachers’ strike. Enthusiasm for collective action since the election of '45. Fighting for the very existence of public schools. Charter makes things better for some, public makes things better for all (when properly funded and supported). Charter squirms around Unions. 

Ch. 5: Sarah Jaffe on the conflict within the Democratic party at the core of the LA teachers strike - Start Making Sense - Air Date 1-22-2019

Sarah Jaffe discusses why the parents agreed with the strike. Librarians who have to travel to different schools every day of the week. Will austerity reign, or can they turn it around. Fight for a society that actually provides what people need.

Ch. 6: LA Teachers Striking For All Of Us - The Michael Brooks Show - 01-07-2019

While the LA Teachers Union strikes, their demands are referred to as shiny distractions. Increased privatization by charter schools reduces the effectiveness of public education.

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