No motivation to vote in a system that doesn't solve people's problems - Economic Update with @profwolff

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Air Date: 11-10-14

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  • Mike Wing
    commented 2014-11-20 09:19:08 -0500
    I have considered the idea that “both sides are just as bad”. I have. I have voted 3rd party for most of my adult life. But in the last 12 years or so I have been following politics a little closer. Not just the day to day skirmishes , but the historical precedence with which policy and opinions are based upon. Yes you can find blame in both parties, but in the grand scheme of things and with the reality of the corporate dominated two party system, I believe that there is more good or positive under the tent of the democratic party. It’s far from perfect, but for the last 30 plus years or so they have been “better” or basically right in my eyes. I do not have a problem with traditional conservative values but I feel that the Dems are closer to that than most of the gop. Both parties want to spend , its just a matter of what they want to spend on. I like some of the ideas that are talked about within the libertarian tent , like the non-intervention and civil liberty stuff. The problem I have with the libertarian view is that it will not work unless we start over and if we were to start over, big money and the corporate agenda will be right there to shape the new system. Government is corrupted by big money. The next biggest problem is apathy and ignorance. Most people do not even want to talk about politics or even want to know whats going on. And in some ways that is proof that something is going right because they don’t have to know. They are lucky to not be in a position where they are not forced to know. It’s a choice and most people choose to not exercise their rights. It’s the people who pay attention, debate the issues, and become active who shape the outcome. There is nothing “pure” and things will never be perfect because there will always be opposing points of view. There is only better or worse. I dont see the lack of effort on the side of the Democratic party to solve our problems, I see the lack of consensus within the Democratic/liberal tent to have more effective solutions. And those ideas cannot exist with out considering the views, opinion,and obstructionist strategy of the gop/right. I am all for third partys and many voices. I am strong supporter of instant run-off voting and election day holidays. I believe at this time the best vote is “better” and then become active for “perfect”.
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