#1395 The Arab Spring, Bin Laden Killed, Giffords Shot, Occupy Wall St. and Birtherism (A Look Back at 2011)

Air Date 1/31/2021

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Today we take a look back at the year 2011 in our annual 10-years-past retrospective to see what we may learn. 2011 was an enormous year of news which included the death of Osama Bin Laden, the manufactured budget crisis in Wisconsin, the shooting of Gabby Giffords, Occupy Wall Street, the birth of Trump's Birtherism and much more.

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Ch. 1: Dumb new congress - Rachel Maddow - Air Date 1-6-11

Ch. 2: Single-Payer Plan - Bernie Sanders

Ch. 3: An insiders account of the GOP official strategy - Citizen Radio

Ch. 4: Crisis in the Dairyland - For Richer and Poorer (Economics - Wisconsin, Public Unions) - The Daily Show - Air Date 3-3-11

Ch. 5: The survival of the Democratic party in Wisconsin - Rachel Maddow - Air Date 2-17-11

Ch. 6: Scott Walker's Koch Bro. Prank Call - The Young Turks - Air Date 2-23-11

Ch. 7: Evil People Have Plans - Lee Camp

Ch. 8: Obama's Wrong-Headed Libyan War - The Progressive

Ch. 9: ACLU: Obama Continues Bush Abuses - The Young Turks - Air Date 7-9-11

Ch. 10: Drones not always precise in real world - CounterSpin

Ch. 11: A Triumph of Nonviolence in Egypt! - The Progressive

Ch. 12: Social Media Allowing Revolutions (Egypt result) - The Young Turks

Ch. 13: Osama Bin Laden Dead... What Happens Now? - The David Pakman Show

Ch. 14: Activist McKibben: Tar Sands pipeline is climate game over - Countdown

Ch. 15: Supporting the EPA and the Koch Bros accidentally fund accurate climate research - Green News Report - Air Date 10-25-11

Ch. 16: Fox News makes you less informed - The Majority Report

Ch. 17: The HuffPo buyout and the future of journalism - On the Media

Ch. 18: Giffords Shooting 911 Tapes Police Audio First word of Tucson, Arizona shooting, attack on Gabrielle Giffords

Ch. 19: FLASHBACK: Right-Wing Media Downplays Threats Toward Democrats - Media Matters Minute

Ch. 20: Sarah Palin, Sharron Angle, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck_ Are You Happy Now_ - The Progressive

Ch. 21: Oslo Norway Shooter Right Winger...Who's Telling You the Truth? - David Pakman - Air Date 7-26-11

Ch. 22: Congress' Budget-Cutting Immorality - Jim Hightower

Ch. 23: Armadebtdon 2011: National Bullshit Ceiling - The Daily Show - Air Date 7-18-11

Ch. 24: Legalized Corruption of Government Exposed by Abramoff - Young Turks - Air Date 11-7-11

Ch. 25: Good news for the big guys - Rachel Maddow - Air Date 4-1-11

Ch. 26: Keith Olbermann reads first collective statement of Occupy Wall Street - Countdown

Ch. 27: We stand as one - Joseph Arthur

Ch. 28: What the Occupy Wall St movement wants - Planet Money

Ch. 29: Occupy my Heart - Ben and Fritz

Ch. 30: Cenk Announces Wolf-PAC.com at Occupy Wall Street

Ch. 31: Fox News Falsehood: Half of Americans Don't Pay Any Taxes - Media Matters Minute - Air Date 7-18-11

Ch. 32: Trump 2012 - Media Matters

Ch. 33: Donald Trump Polls 2012 Presidential Candidate Or Clown_ - The Young Turks - Air Date 4-13-11

Ch. 34: The Trump Inc. Podcast Made a Time Capsule - Trump Inc. - Air Date 1-19-21

Ch. 35: Final comments

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