#1371 Why Even Seemingly Normal People Are Falling for the QAnon Conspiracy Cult

Air Date: 10–1-2020

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Today we take a look at the phenomenon of pro-Trump conspiracy cult: QAnon, what it is and why so many people are getting sucked into it.

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Ch. 1: QANON Is Antisemitism Hiding In Dangerous Conspiracy Theory? - Thom Hartmann - Air Date 9-15-20

What would happen if a far-right Nazi cult gained power in the United States, infecting your neighbors, friends, family and even your elected officials. Thom Hartmann exposes QANON.

Ch. 2: Team Human with Douglas Rushkoff - You Are Not So Smart with David McRaney - Air Date 1-13-19

Douglas Rushkoff explains why we should revolt against the algorithms so we can get back to our essential human messiness.

Ch. 3: QAnon is totally true - The Topical, The Onion - Air Date 9-29-20

Turns out, QAnon is totally true and backed up by evidence (if you read between the lines).

Ch. 4: QAnon Makes Human Trafficking Worse feat Michael Hobbes - QAnon Anonymous - Air Date 9-15-20

The 1980's Satanic Panic has many similarities to the 2020 "Save the children" QAnon movement. We explore how these religious freakouts and conspiracy theories harm efforts to combat trafficking.

Ch. 5: Mothers For QAnon w: Annie Kelly - QAnon Anonymous - Air Date 9-23-20

Women tied to the QAnon movement have recently achieved sizable electoral victories. Our UK Correspondent (Doctor) Annie Kelly (PhD) drops by to expand on her recent piece for the New York Times. We examine how the movement has made such inroads online.

Ch. 6: QAnon News - The Last Post - Air Date 9-22-20

Don't care when your child goes to bed? More concerned when they will wake the f--k up? Wil Anderson - the Don ADman of the advertising world - has spotted a synergy in the QAnon hashtag #savethechildren, and taking children's savings: kids toys.

Ch. 7: Reformed Neo-Nazi Explains How People Fall Prey to QAnon Online - MSNBC - Air Date 9-6-20

Shannon Foley-Martinez, a former violent white supremacist now working to extract others from extremist groups, says QAnon attracts people looking for a meaningful connection and a way to navigate a world that feels unsafe.

Ch. 8: In Search Of A Flat Earth - Folding Ideas - Air Date 9-11-20

QAnon supporters, like flat-earthers, are looking for a way to dramatically simplify a terrifyingly complex world.

Members' Bonus Clips:

Ch. 1*: Is QAnon the Future of the Republican Party? - Deconstructed with Mehdi Hasan - Air Date 8-28-20

QAnon is a far-ranging conspiracy theory that alleges, among other things, that a patriotic Trump supporter (or supporters) embedded in the highest levels of the U.S. government has been using internet forums to send coded messages to the American public.

Ch. 9: Conspiracy Theories - Power Corrupts - Air Date 5-1-19

We speak to a diehard believer in the bogus QAnon conspiracy

Ch. 10: The Rise of "Conspirituality" - On the Media - Air Date 9-25-20

In this moment of growth, one community, in particular, has found itself prey to QAnon: the yoga, wellness, and spirituality world, where skepticism about vaccines has intersected with the rapid spread of disinformation online to create a toxic stew known as "conspirituality."


Ch. 11: Re: Episode on Post Office and Census - Scott

Ch. 12: Biden vs Howie Hawkins - Lars from Brooklyn


Ch. 13: Final comments on why Democracy is built on a foundation of human perception rather than laws. Also, resources to keep you away from conspiratorial and magical thinking

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