#1267 Fighting for the soul of the Democratic Party (Progressives vs the Establishment)

Air Date: 4–23-2019

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Today we take a look at the current state of the Democratic Party in the wake of the 2018 elections that swept in a new class of Super-Progressives who are now locking horns with the more establishment and conservative leadership of the party as they all gear up for the 2020 primary and general elections.

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Ch. 1: The Six Groups of the Democratic Party with Leno Krauze and Perry Bacon Jr. - Trumpcast - Air Date 3-18-19

There are 6 main groups of Democrats, from the Super-Progressives to the Conservatives. The energy is in the progressives, so much so that an outsider like Bernie Sanders is mainstream.

Ch. 2: Beware The Narcissism of Small Differences - The David Pakman Show - Air Date 2-19-19

Small differences create conflict where there shouldn't be. We are satisfied by fueling ourselves with aggression. Warren or Bernie shouldn't be a dead end issue.

Ch. 3: Does Obama Speak for Progressives? with Paul Jay and Dr. Gerald Horne - The Real News - Air Date 4-9-19

The problem with Obama, his support of Biden, and his silence with progressives. You can't play ball with corporate democrats because they own the game.

Ch. 4: AOC vs. DCCC: It’s War. with Emma Vigeland - Rebel HQ - Air Date 4-9-19

AOC is a voice of the rebellious spirit we all have. The DCCC is blacklisting and boycotting challengers to their power.

Ch. 5: AOC on what we need in a 2020 presidential candidate - The Intercept - Air Date 1-29-19

New democratic leadership is needed. Policy and progressivism is pitted against identity. Time to lean into a broader progressive message.

Ch. 6: Support for Israel Divides Democrats, A Division Fomented by Republicans with Mairav Zonszein - The Real News - Air Date 2-10-19

The media claims if you support BDS you are an anti-semite. The Democrats aren't stopping that narrative.

Ch. 7: Swamp Monsters Attack Progressives with Cenk Uygur, Nomi Prins, and Ana Kasparian - The Young Turks - Air Date 3-28-19

The DCCC has taken a less democratic turn for the 2020 cycle and is stifling completion and blackballing consultants who would dare work against them.

Ch. 8: Establishment Dems Start War on Bernie - The David Pakman Show - Air Date 4-17-19

The 2016 establishment fought Bernie, and they continue today. Why do they want to stop him? His policies are popular and poll great.


Ch. 9: The shifting definitions of progressivism - V from Central New York

Ch. 10: Wage caps hurt the workers but not the businesses - Bud from Boise


Ch. 11: Final comments on what Jimmy Dore leaving TYT says about the split in strategy among progressives with largely similar political goals

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