#1238 Bailouts, Tea Parties, Torture, Fear, Health Care and Citizens United (A Look Back at 2009)

Air Date: 1/4/2018

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Today we take a look back at the year 2009 in our annual 10-years-past retrospective to see what we may learn. 

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Ch. 1: One last jab at Bush - Wait Wait Don't Tell Me
Ch. 2: January 22nd, 2009: Mike Pence praises G.W. Bush for his fealty to his wife - The Young Turks
Ch. 3: Rick Warren and the inauguration - The Rachel Maddow Show
Ch. 4: Day One: Fox News on new Obama administration - The Daily Show
Ch. 5: Obama on DADT - Countdown
Ch. 6: Mission Accomplished, the war on science is over - Slate
Ch. 7: Van Jones speaking to Congress
Ch. 8: Republicans are just not into you - The Rachel Maddow Show
Ch. 9: Maron v Seder on the theft of the bankers - Break Room Live
Ch. 10: Why the win-win is being ignored - This American Life
Ch. 11: Limbaugh's racist take on Obama's economic plan - CounterSpin
Ch. 12: Fox News supporting the Tea Parties - On the Media
Ch. 13: Disambiguating the reports (Torture started at the top) - The Rachel Maddow Show
Ch. 14: Possible prosecutions for the CIA opposed by Obama administration - The Rachel Maddow Show
Ch. 15: Dahlia Lithwick We're All Torturers Now - Slate
Ch. 16: Planet Cheney - The Rachel Maddow Show
Ch. 17: Gingrich explains the fear of the GOP - The Young Turks
Ch. 18: Obama's constitution speech speaking against the constitution - The Rachel Maddow Show
Ch. 19: Birthers, deathers and Healthcare - On the Media
Ch. 20: Birthers, Deathers and healthcare reform - The Rachel Maddow Show
Ch. 21: Republican Bob Inglis - What Are You So Afraid Of? - The Young Turks
Ch. 22: A detailed look at the death of the public option - The Rachel Maddow Show
Ch. 23: Candidate Obama on healthcare negotiations - The Young Turks
Ch. 24: The nonsense healthcare debate - Mother Jones Radio
Ch. 25: The politics industry of Supreme Court Picks - On the Media
Ch. 26: Supreme Court on the verge of humanizing corporations all the way - The Colbert Report
Ch. 27: War presidents - The Rachel Maddow Show
Ch. 28: Religious Jihad on George Tiller - Countdown
Ch. 29: Frank Schaeffer on hateful religious talk against Obama - The Rachel Maddow Show
Ch. 30: Gore Vidal on the current Republicans - Real Time with Bill Maher
Ch. 31: Max Blumenthal on Republican Gomorrah - Ring of Fire
Ch. 32: Chris Hedges predicts that our failure to confront the Empire of Illusion will lead to demagogues - Ring of Fire



Ch. 33: Final comments on what happened to me and the show in 2009, plus what we used to call "Tweeting"


Produced by Jay! Tomlinson

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