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RIGHT NOW, if you become a member of the show for at least three months AND make a tax-deductible donation of $25 or more to the Best of the Left Climate Ride fundraiser, you can get a soft, cozy, 100% sustainably-made Best of the Left T-shirt! If you sign up as a member at the $10/month membership level or higher, you can receive a Best of the Left pullover hoodie! *More T-shirt and hoodie colors available!*

It's our way of saying thank you for helping fight climate change and supporting the show this winter. 

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These T-shirts and hoodies made by Repair the World are made with 100% recycled, eco-friendly fabric (they make it out of plastic bottles!) that is ethically manufactured under fair labor practices. They also come in a variety of colors. 

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Here are your next steps:

  1. Donate $25 or more to the Best of the Left Climate Ride fundraiser. (We need to raise $5,000 total!)

  2. Become a monthly member of the show on Patreon (at $6/month or higher)! **$10/month and up members have the option of a BOTL hoodie and you'll get apparel faster!**

As a member, you get:

    • AD-FREE versions of every episode!
    • Members Only Bonus Shows!
    • Access to the 12 years of show archives!
    • Access to Jay's "best of" curated non-political audio!
    • And any other perks mentioned on Patreon for the membership level you choose!

3. In the Winter Fundraiser section of your Patreon membership "Welcome" page, you'll find the custom link you need to submit your apparel order. (You can quickly access your membership Welcome page here)

4.  Your apparel will ship after your 3rd successful monthly membership payment at the $6/mo level, or faster if you sign up at $10/month level or higher!. In the meantime, live in the afterglow of knowing you supported the fight to save the planet and independent media this winter!


Already a Member? 

If you're a member on Patreon (or switch over now) and donate $25 or more to our Climate Ride fundraiser, you can purchase apparel at cost. If you're on Patreon, all the details you need can be found here.

T-Shirt: $13 each (Shipping is included)

Hoodie: $25 each (Shipping is included)

Not a member via Patreon? You must switch over in order to take part in this year's fundraiser! Once you sign up on Patreon, don't forget to cancel your old existing subscription. Email if you have questions! Go to Patreon



More Details: 


About Climate Ride: 

BOTL Climate Ride Team Fundraising Page 

Jays_Fundraising_Page_Image.jpegI've cycled with Climate Ride from New York to Boston multiple times, hiked 50+ miles with them in Glacier National Park, and last year my brother and I rode from Maine to Boston. But this year, I’m going further with Climate Ride - overseas, in fact - to explore and ride in the country that invented "Gross National Happiness": The Himalayan Kingdom of Bhutan. I'll be getting on a mountain bike to handle the terrain and see some of the most beautiful places on earth. Most of my listeners know that I've been a student of happiness in the last few years, even producing shows on the topic, and so I jumped at the chance to visit the country known for evaluating its economy based on the happiness of their people. Gross National Happiness is measured by sustainable development, environmental protection, cultural preservation, and good governance. Everybody needs get down with GNH! Tourism in Bhutan is tightly controlled to ensure they don't exploit their country or people, and so Climate Ride offers an incredible opportunity to raise money for national organizations fighting climate change, like and Chesapeake Climate Action Network (CCAN), while learning about and exploring the natural beauty of another country that's doing things pretty differently than most nations. Thanks for your support!



Here's a little about Climate Ride: 

Climate Ride is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that organizes life-changing charitable events to raise awareness and support sustainability, active transportation, and environmental causes. Learn more about the work that we do year-round:

Climate Ride produces charitable multi-day rides, hikes and a DIY program. Visit our events page for more information on the latest event offerings. 

Our participants make an extraordinary contribution to a cause they care about. They are helping to provide much-needed financial support, raising awareness, and helping to build a national network of supporters.

The reward for this commitment is the experience of a lifetime through some of America's most beautiful landscapes. Participants meet and network with leaders in sustainability, renewable energy, and environmental causes while raising awareness of our cause.

The organizations that you support by joining Climate Ride are doing important work and the money you raise makes a crucial difference.  Proceeds from the events benefit a collection of environmental and active transportation non-profits. Participants can choose to direct grants to the non-profit of their choice. Learn more about our beneficiaries and read common questions asked by participants in the FAQ.



About BOTL Memberships

BOTL Membership Page | Patreon

Memberships are what make the world go 'round. Without the steady, dependable support of members, it wouldn't be possible to produce Best of the Left at the frequency or quality that you've come to expect. As thanks for your support, members gain access to a couple of pretty awesome perks.

1. AD-FREE SHOWS! Members get access to the BOTL Member's feed, which allows you to access an ad-free version of every new episode.

2. BONUS CONTENT! We've totally reworked our Bonus Content and we think you'll love it. Every time a re-run goes out, our Members get a Bonus Show! I'm now joined by BOTL Communications Director, Amanda, for some thoughtful discussions on the political climate, philosophy, clips that didn't make the show, extended commentary, and whatever is on our minds lately. Sometimes, you'll even get a bonus Bonus Show! 

2. Access to the full archives of the show. These go back to January 2006 and are, frankly, kind of fascinating to go back and listen to. Seriously, try it. I've also set aside my favorite episodes from over the years, so you can zero in on the Best of the Best of the Left.

3. A stash of my favorite non-political audio I've come across over the years. These are clips and stories of all varieties--some funny, some poignant and some sad, but all well worth your time. You could theoretically find all of this stuff for free elsewhere; I've just made it easy by collecting them for myself over the years, and now I'm giving keys to the vault to members. 

4. Any additional perks listed on Patreon for the membership level you choose!

See to what one member wrote when they discovered all of the bonus content just before Winter Holiday:

"Holy shit, Jay, what a treasure trove!  I mean seriously, I cannot believe I overlooked this stuff when I first joined.  OK, so I already downloaded all the bonus stuff to my phone and I think I’ll DL some of the Best of.  Wow, I am in lib hippie heaven, man!  And to think I was worried about running out of podcast material to listen to during this long holiday stretch when a lot of the shows are on vacation!"


Thank you in advance for your support, and have a progressive winter! 

~The Best of the Left Team~

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